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**** All new Official 2007 New England Patriots Thread ****

Discussion in 'Scott Ferrall' started by Valve, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Valve Full Member

    !Official 2008 New England Patriots Thread!

    Ok, we're back now. I screwed up the other one.

    Thanks Case!
  2. Case a Beer Full Member

  3. Valve Full Member

  4. dickiebird_rip Full Member

    Man, did I need this place last night. I was Jonesing.
  5. Case a Beer Full Member

    Yeah I came here last night too...Weird not having the thread.
  6. dickiebird_rip Full Member

    Is this what it's going to be like for the next 7 games? Baltimore came to play. Just like Philly. Pittsburg will be doing the same.
  7. Valve Full Member


    Of course it would have been 500 "HOLY SHIT" posts during the last 55 seconds. :jj:
  8. Valve Full Member

    I believe the game against the Eagles was the trap game.

    But let's face it, the Ravens have one of the league's top defenses and the Steelers have the best in the league. So yeah, the Ravens played some good football. Not really surprising.

    After that it'll be back to the Brady and Moss show.
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  9. Valve Full Member


    I bet that was funny to see.
  10. Case a Beer Full Member

    Baltimore played outta their minds last night..I did not expect that!!

    Pitt is by far the better team compared to B-more and Philly.

    I'd expect another very tight game...
  11. Case a Beer Full Member

    How pathetic was that Don Shula segment last night?

    Him squirming in the seat trying to control his cheering for the Ravens.
  12. Valve Full Member

    Shula and the rest of those '72 Dolphins that try to gloat over something from 30 years ago disgusts me.

    Give it up guys and try to be a little gracious about it.
  13. dickiebird_rip Full Member

    Yeah, I'm prepared to watch a close game with the Steelers. It kept getting repeated last night that the game was like Baltimore's Superbowl this year. I knew the Ravens defense was very good. Ed Reed is a beast. Ray Lewis was amped up. No big secret there. I have only been able to see Boller play a couple games. He looked real good. Way better than I have seen him play. Like Feely did last week. Is it that these teams are playing way up? or are there holes in the middle of the Pats pass coverage. It's hard to see the whole field on the TV, but it appeared in both games, Rodney was chasing the receiver catching the ball. We know Westbrook is good, but is McGahee as good as he played last night?

    I don't think the Jets or the Phins have the same type of talent on the field that the Eagles or Ravens have. I won't be predicting cake walks on any of the remaining games. If we get by the Steelers, the next two should be easier (not easy) contests. Hopefully the Giants will either clinch a playoff spot or be eliminated. Then we will have a bye week to heal the wounds.
  14. dickiebird_rip Full Member

    I thought Shula was trying to take the high road and the booth (Tony Kornholer) dragged him into it.
  15. EMFBoss Full Member

    Great game last night...I wish was in MD so I could of shot that fool, tony kornheiser. How fucking annoying was it to hear him say "IT COULD HAPPEN TONIGHT" every 15 minutes.. :rolleyes:

  16. Valve Full Member

    I wish someone would punch Kornheiser in the face. I cant fucking stand that guy.
  17. Case a Beer Full Member

    I think it might be a little bit of both. With the whole spygate thing and the Pats still being unbeaten, these other teams are playing incredible football in these games. I mean Baltimore just got thrashed by San Diego.

    My main concern is the defense. The pass rush was again very average at best. But there is no speed on defense right now. And they are needed to load up to stop the run. A better offense with more explosive WR's could've taken advantage of that with the play action fakes.
  18. Case a Beer Full Member

    That is TK's gig to be silly and annoying in the booth. Shula already stated how he felt about this year's Pats a couple of weeks ago. He was trying to save a little face last night.
  19. A.Lang=Crazy Full Member

    Tough win, but they made the plays in the end to win the game. I was a little nervous, but when Harrison made that stop with around 3 minutes left I knew Brady would drive them down the field for the win. Questionable call on the holding and TD catch, but you need to catch some breaks to have a perfect season.

    Steelers will be a challenge, but they are a horrible road team. They lost to the Cardinals, Broncos, and shit Jets all on the road. I think they are a little bit overrated and might miss Polamalu and Holmes this week. I'm expecting Belichick to have them ready to play and another win.
  20. Case a Beer Full Member

    From what I read earlier this morning, the refs called the wrong number on that holding penalty. It was on Rolle, who basically tackled Gaffney.
  21. KingOfAllMedia

    KingOfAllMedia SFN Supporter

    I had to turn off the audio to that game and put on Gil and Gino, the ESPN morons were unlistenable. Their Baltimore ball washing made me want to vomit. It was funny, Gil thought Brady threw away that touchdown pass to Gaffney, his view of that part of the endzone was obstructed. Then Gino was shouting "TOUCHDOWN!!!!" :jj:
  22. Case a Beer Full Member

    Finally a Sunday 4:15 game this week.
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  23. KingOfAllMedia

    KingOfAllMedia SFN Supporter

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