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Annoying Richard on Box of Rocks sound drop

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by rojiblanco, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. rojiblanco Full Member

    Did I miss something with that drop they would play after the girls got a question wrong and we would hear rocks falling then Richard making that grunt noise? Is that from an old show or something?
    I can't believe Howard would allow that for this game, hearing Richard's stupid grunt each time became incredibly annoying.
  2. Reesee's Full Member

    First of all, it's a hilarious drop.

    Second of all, it's not rocks falling, it's someone shaking a "box of rocks" like the title of the game would suggest.

    Third of all, it's clearly Bigfoot going "huh?". That doesn't even sound like Richard.
  3. rojiblanco Full Member

    Damn if that's all true I still found the human noise incredibly distracting and annoying.
  4. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    It was funny
  5. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    I have a problem with the phrase "a box of rocks." Sounds like a Sal original.
  6. mrsluda85 Full Member

    I thought after the box shaking that it was Richard making a laugh sound.
  7. mrsluda85 Full Member

    That saying has been around forever. Dumb as a box of rocks.
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  8. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    You sure? Because boxes haven't even been around forever.
  9. mrsluda85 Full Member

    You know what I mean. It's a figure of speech.
  10. Unpredictable Full Member

    I thought that was big foot
  11. Mr. Mojo Risin Full Member

    It's clearly Bigfoot
  12. mrsluda85 Full Member

    Clearly Richard. He shakes the box, then does that hillbilly laugh.
  13. Larry Darrel Full Member

    Thought is was amusing. I also thought it was Richard.
  14. Jedi Beavis

    Jedi Beavis SFN Gold Supporter

    There was no laugh, and no Richard. It was Bigfoot saying "huh?" It sounded nothing like Richard or a laugh.
  15. Mr. CockandBalls Probationary Member

    It's hilarious and it's fuckin' Bigfoot fer chrissakes!
  16. Purity Knight Full Member

    There is a Bigfoot "Huh?" drop that they play all the time, but I don't think this was the Bigfoot drop. It sounds like Richard.
  17. Mr. Mojo Risin Full Member

  18. Dscottrose Full Member

    Absolutely and inequitably love this drop.
  19. Stevedolphin Full Member

    I was going to post this thread the last time they played this game.I thought the annoying Richard groan at the end was very sloppy editing,but if it is really Bigfoot saying"Huh?"it makes more sense.
    rojiblanco likes this.
  20. rojiblanco Full Member

    This thread has legs! And we still have no definitive answer!
  21. SiriusSam Full Member

    Agree. Why is the box necessary? I can do the dumbness math with just the rock.
  22. Monkeyjim123 Full Member

    Why the hell would they play Richard laughing after that? It was clearly Bigfoot saying, "huh?"
  23. mrsluda85 Full Member

    Because Richard is shaking the box. It's not an all out laugh. It's a hillbilly sound. If you have ever heard Richard laugh, you would know it's him.
  24. cwujvegas7 Full Member

    You guys gotta be talking about different sounds drops..i do remember the Bigfoot drop... he says "huh" at the end. That is clear as day. Dont remember Richard at all in drops

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