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Discussion in 'SFN Time-out' started by Hitler, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Hitler Full Member

    I would like to apologize for violating the SFN rule against harassing VIPS, of which I am guilty.
    With words and unflattering images I dogged Irish John repeatedly making his SFN experience an unpleasant one – not the goal of this forum.
    If VIPs are to participate, they should have an expectation of fun, frolic and talk of Stern, not insults, zingers and abusive invective toward themselves.
    I shall comply with this and all rules and guide-lines of this forum from now on. I would be pleased if some mod, at some time in the not-to-distant-future
    would permit me to rejoin the forum.
  2. TripTo My Taint Full Member

    If only AH was so quick to comply, we could have avoided that mess of WW2.

    Don't forget to scrub behind the labia tonight, Hitler.
  3. Hitler Full Member

    I often do when I bathe my wife, cuntboil.
  4. TripTo My Taint Full Member

    Here's a site dedicated to "forward-thinking" scumbags like yourself, to help you pass the time.

    Here's your link, scumbag.

    I doubt, however, that you need this link from me, as you probably have it bookmarked, and member status.
  5. Hitler Full Member

    You don't know me from Adam, asshole. So don't flatter yourself.
    You stereotype with as must gusto and hypocracy as those you detest.
  6. Hitler Full Member

  7. TripTo My Taint Full Member

    Given your choice of SN, comments regarding Israel and Zionists, and the blatant acclaim given to the biggest mass-murderer in history in your signature tells me everything I need to know; you're a scumbag's scumbag, even if this is some failed attempt at humor. You may perceive yourself as being an acutely clever person, as evidenced by your use of "pogrom" in your sig, but please keep in mind, you ignorant bigoted cocksucker, that you don't even know how to spell "hypocrisy." I bet most Jews do.

    I'm done with this thread, and with you, limiting you from further contact with the outside world of SFN while you do your time. Do check out my signature, however, as it's really applicable in your case.
  8. Hitler Full Member

    Good Poodle, good doggie. You've spoken your lines just like daddy jew taught you.
    Now sit up and beg and daddy will give you a biscuit. ARF!
  9. TripTo My Taint Full Member

    So, you're no better at "Jew; Not A Jew" than you are at spelling, Adolf. At least you've kept the words in this attempted taunt more manageable, evidence that you are learning your limitations; good for you. See Spot run. "Jew" should be capitalized, however, but I'll take this as an indication of disrespect rather than an oversight.

    You are right in a way, asshole, as my dad (not a Jew) did teach me something germane to this issue. He instilled upon his children the knowledge that we were neither better, nor worse than any other man, and are no more or less deserving of being treated with the honor, courtesy, and respect that should be afforded any human being. You see, in 1945 he helped liberate a concentration camp, and the unfathomable horrors he witnessed there stuck with him for the remainder of his life. Horrors you so wantonly mock in the comfortable anonymity of the internet, yet were you to experience them firsthand, even to witness them, you'd quiver uncontrollably like the incredible cunt your parents raised you to be.

    I need to respectfully disagree with my father on one point, however; I know, without doubt or reservation, that I am better than a slimy, scumbag asshole such as yourself. Enjoy the remainder of your time in TO, loser.
  10. Erleichda Full Member

    God, you are an annoying self-righteous cunt, aren't you. If you are going to be offended by screen names and shit you read on the internet, read a fuckin' book. Quit shitting all over this guy's apology thread - this isn't about you. :kaboom:
  11. Hitler Full Member

    I'm so pleased that I bother you so. :) (didn't even bother to read your drivel)
  12. Hitler Full Member


    read it now, apologize to me later, douche.
  13. Froggy Full Member

    so no one ever told you IJ is actually jewish and that his parents are Hasidim?

    here i thought you were just being your normal anti-semetic self, but now i see you were actually harassing IJ
  14. Hitler Full Member

    Yes I did, and I've apologized for my actions - and have gotten nothing in return for my admission of error. Here I rot. Probably forever. That's the impression I'm getting.
  15. TripTo My Taint Full Member

  16. brian Full Member

    Those diabolical Jews. Hitler was their puppet. They made him fake the holocaust so that they would get the state of Israel. And all it cost them was a little vacation in the camps.
  17. Hitler Full Member

    You obviously haven't read the book if you think that it contains tripe like that.
  18. brian Full Member

    You aren't too bright, are you. Look up the definition of mockery, you fool.

    My post is as intentionally tripe, unlike the fantasy you choose to believe in. You select an indefensible reality of what happened - you're so different - you baaadddd.
  19. brian Full Member

  20. brian Full Member

  21. grim fandango Full Member

    Your apology sucks, your punishment is to build a stupid model :spankin:

  22. Hitler Full Member

    Go fuck your mother. Again.
  23. grim fandango Full Member

    My mother was killed in the war. Here's another project for ya to build.... :evil: :hitler:

  24. Hitler Full Member

    Necrophilia, huh? But I'm the weird one - okay asswipe.
  25. grim fandango Full Member


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