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Artie Had A Relapse

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by snoop30, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. snoop30 Full Member

    2min into this clip, its only obvious Artie had a relapse
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  2. Porchmonkeys Full Member

    he doesnt look good at all grey unshaven and 100 lbs over weight so sad
  3. PeanutButter11 Full Member

    He was fondling himself at 2:00 and closing his eyes, all while listening to Adam drone on. I foresaw this moment years ago.
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  4. Ryan_lever UnDead

  5. Brown Jenkin Full Member

    he looks like he blew up like a balloon, riiiiiiight
  6. naddaking Full Member

    He's WAY Overweight but not High..
  7. JohnDalton

    JohnDalton Closed by User

    No, Artie was NEVER OFF DRUGS. It's been obvious to me since I first heard Nick and Artie. He's has constantly been on opiates of some kind. WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE!
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  8. hi later Full Member

    Al Bundy at 00:40 and 02:00
  9. LessMoonbeams Full Member

    Sugar crash from over-use of Hawaiian Punch
    pure & simple
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  10. HEELatkins Full Member

    It's totally impossible that he could just be exhausted with the show being so late.
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  11. Maximus06 Full Member

    you foresaw an addict relapsing again? Wow you are a fucking sage :rolleyes:
  12. Stevedolphin Full Member

    How sad,Artie was too wasted to remember to put on his sunglasses to hide his heroin eyes.How can Nick look over at Artie and not stop the show until he gets help like Howard eventually did?
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  13. Groucho Marx Full Member

    Artie lucked his way into this job and he's throwing it away.
  14. topaz420 Full Member

    He's nodding hardcore. It's over, Johnny.

    Oh, and Nick's wheeze is annoying.

    And this show is unlistenable.
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  15. zafgellez Full Member

    I hope he gets help soon not looking good...
  16. dogcow Full Member

    lol artie scratching his balls hard core...who the hell thought this show needed to be on tv
  17. pod98 Full Member

    wow, he's a hard-core al bundy! i guess he just forgets he's on camera. questionable cause he didn't smell his fingers though.
  18. ricky100man Full Member

    It is a waste of human life. He can be so much more and yet...this.
  19. General Larry Fine

    General Larry Fine Closed by User

    Artie's not a little kid, he's 44 years old so he should know what to do. Even though Artie is hilarious I can understand why Howard doesn't want him on the show anymore because there are a lot of people like you saying "Why doesn't Howard do anything, can't he see that Artie needs help?" So if Artie died the same people would blame Howard for his death..
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  20. honeybunny Full Member

    He is definitely high. The face rubbing, scratching, hoarse voice, nodding off, wow. He keeps moving around trying to stay alert. The Adam Carolla call was boring as shit.
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  21. kingeater Full Member

    Actually, he said he relapsed b/c of a doctor prescribing him uppers 6+ months back (Joe Matarese podcast, his 2nd appearance), and had a couple drinks 2 or 3 months back (XOJane interview). Not that great of a picture this is painting, especially artie looking like he's nodding in that clip.
  22. Gay Howard Full Member

    It's funny, I was listening to this last night (and not watching) and thought that Artie sounded high and like he was slurring some of his words.
  23. GoshGeeGolly Full Member

    he needs to become addicted to sweating and exercise and coconut water and sleeping and work
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  24. SGT. HOOKER Full Member

    Yup, all the tell-tale signs of narcotic use. He's gonna fuck up Nick's $500,000 a year pay check. It's gonna end badly..

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