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Asian Rub n Tug Massage Parlor Stories

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by choppers, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. choppers Full Member

    Post your experiences (good and bad) with Asian Rub n Tug Massage Parlors.

    The last one I went to was in Vegas. Nice looking girl...gave me a shower then massage then nice hand job to finish things off...then cleaned me up with another shower. She didn't seem like she was a slave either. She seemed like she wanted to be there....what are your experiences?
  2. havoc Full Member

    ya does realize that they is usually dudes pretenden to be hoes right? i wouldnt never go to one of them places.
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  3. choppers Full Member

    not in vegas...real 100% Asian women
  4. HS_100

    HS_100 Closed by User

    I went to an oriental massage parlor, on Long Island. None of the girls were asian. I was pretty disappointed! :mad:
  5. choppers Full Member

    One time I got a mad Asian I saved up and didn't cum for almost 2 weeks....went back and asked for her....I convinced he to let me titty fuck her.....then gave her a nice bukake...she was so upset!!!! started yelling out things in Chinese or something.....
  6. choppers Full Member

    were they mexicans??
  7. HS_100

    HS_100 Closed by User

    The place was pretty diversed. White, black, hispanic (or spaniards, if you will). All kinds. Those massage parlor places aren't prejudice at all...
  8. choppers Full Member

    WOW...I have never been to one that had blaeks or messicans.....just Asians.....I bet the blaeks are very angry and wont do very much....the messican ones prolly do a lot of stuff for very little money...
  9. skylarbrie Full Member

  10. skylarbrie Full Member

  11. BlackDildo Full Member

    This is what the pros do: Jack off about 1-2 hours before you go. When it comes time for the big finish, it takes a nice, long, long, relaxing time versus just a few quick minutes the other way.
  12. filthyklm Full Member

    How much do these places cost? What's the move you guys make or do the girls make the move? How do you know if its that kind of place?
  13. Mr. Longdong Full Member

    I went to one on LI a couple of years back and all of the chicks were asian and decent looking. I got a handy and the load hit her in the chin it was classic.
  14. koolest Full Member

    If it's all asians then u just know....I used to work in Midtown NYC and they have a good one on 46st bt 5th and 6th used to go on lunchtime, my job moved to Jersey City and there's one 2 blocks away, the charge is usually $60 an hour plus a tip for the hj about $20.00 tip
  15. BlackDildo Full Member

    Find the right place. It shouldn't be too hard. Look in Craigslist, look for ads in newspapers (especially a free newspaper that has listings for music, restaurants, etc). Look at places like, etc.

    Once you get inside, just relax, flirt, friendly touching, etc.
  16. chrissmurf Full Member

    I've been to lots of them.

    One time she was jacking me, and I was having real trouble finishing. She was too rough on it, anyways it's taking forever. She kept asking if I was almost there, I said that I was trying to finish. She reaches down and plays w/balls and that was working. But she jumped the gun and started playing around my asshole - not something I would ever ask for - but she was doing it, so I let her. She stuck a finger in my ass, then BAM. Instant Huge Load, I never had that before or since. There's truth in that milking prostrate shit.
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  17. jj2446 Full Member

    I usually ask if they work for tips and give a little smile if they are they will let you know...
  18. chrissmurf Full Member

    I had one once where I am almost certain it was slavery. An older lady leads me in the room, she does all the talking. In comes a younger girl, then she leaves. The old lady grabs my cock and says "what you want to do to her?" I ask "what can I do to her?" She says anything you want, no shit. So I tell her, nothing too radical. She gives me a price, I pay her. She yells at the young girl in Korean? She yells at her, and then slaps her on the ass when she replies. Old Lady leaves I get what I want, girl has no english at all. Not even hello.
  19. skylarbrie Full Member

    www. usa. sex. guide. com
  20. chrissmurf Full Member

    They are all different. Go in, be a little touchy with them, smile and put your arm around them.
    I suggest get the table shower. Go back to the room, lay stomach down without a towel on. If she comes in and covers your ass with towel it might not be a ruboff place. She will massage your back, if she comes around, accidently rub on her with your hand or head, nothing too obvious. She will flip you over to massage your front, a boner at this point will say everything words don't. Usually they will either grab your cock and ask if you want a massage, or ask if you want anything else. This is negotiation time, from hand jobs to everything - every place/girl is different.
    ooops, the boner part might be hard to pull off if you're a woman, but the rest is pretty much the same.
  21. bababooey2uall

    bababooey2uall SFN Supporter

    imo, mainly chumps pay good money to get a friggin' can pay chicks the same money to blow you....or to blow you and fuck you, but so many guys pay just to get a massage and get jacked off....never makes sense to me.
  22. bababooey2uall

    bababooey2uall SFN Supporter

    damn there sure are a lot of prostitution related threads in the Lounge lately...fallout from the Spitzer headlines I guess.
  23. bababooey2uall

    bababooey2uall SFN Supporter

    So you go in there not knowing how much the service will cost? Sounds far from ideal to me. I like to know what I'm getting for how much before I get there. These massage chicks use constant "upsell" and try to milk the guys for all the money they can get.

    Oh well, I will echo what someone posted above about If you want to be a smart pussy consumer, then go there and do some research.

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