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Auto Tune - Rapist Intruder Song

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Zyro, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. FishySausage

    FishySausage SFN Supporter

    Those auto-tune-the-news guys are fucking awesome
  2. Morning Wood

    Morning Wood SFN Supporter

    I saw this like 5 times yesterday. I was expecting a lot worse when I first heard about it. The 2 crackers in the video are hilarious.
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  3. Atreides

    Atreides SFN Supporter

    Epic work. This is one of the things that makes the internet so amaaaaaaazing.......oh and Beth-O too.
  4. HeinousMark Full Member

    I have literally watched this about 12 times today, and I can't get enough. I might have to add the MP3 to my iTunes so I can thump it in my truck!!!
  5. Dewflop Full Member

    Wow...I'm embarrassed to say I live in the town that came from.
  6. CuddlyMuffin17

    CuddlyMuffin17 SFN Supporter

    Be careful. Cause they be rapin' everybody.
  7. g0tr00t Full Member


  8. Zyro Full Member

    Where were you when the rape was in progress?
  9. g0tr00t Full Member

    He was a holdin da trash can...trash can..trash can....
    And he be da Look out....look out...look out....
    Dewflop is ma main man....main man....
    Even if his penis has da gout.....da gout....daaaaaaaaaaaa..........gouuuuuut.

    He looks like a gay Chris Rock.
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  11. tylercorr Full Member

    No...they're rapin' air-bodee
  12. CuddlyMuffin17

    CuddlyMuffin17 SFN Supporter

    Even though the spelling is a little off, I stand corrected. :laugh:
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  13. macheson Full Member

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  14. WonderWarthog

    WonderWarthog SFN Gold Supporter

  15. Gabe Asher Full Member

    a local radio station is playing this as a song on the radio. it was 6 on the top 8 at 8.
  16. tootall3030 Full Member

  17. HeinousMark Full Member

    I'm sorry, but I gotta bump dis... run an' tell DAT!
  18. Captain Marvel Full Member

    He knows about it now

  19. waltermelon

    waltermelon SFN Supporter

    Did the news chick get fatter since last week?

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