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Baba Booey's voice mail. Who was the stuttering idiot!?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by jayquik03, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. jayquik03 Full Member

    Heard Baba Booey's voice mail this AM and there was some retard with a big ass head (don't ask me how I know he has a big ass head it's just a guess) stuttering on the voice mail saying how it's bullshit the show thinks he's too dangerous to be on. There was another clip with the stuttering idiot but I forgot what he said in the second one. I was still trying to figure out who is fat, stutters, has a huge fucking head and isn't welcome on the stern show. Who is this fat retarded fuck?
  2. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    Why would you bring attention to this? You're feeding his ego and now he's gonna want to post here about it.
  3. greenchicklets Full Member

    Nah, he's too busy doing stand-up. He has no time for the likes of y'all.
  4. effuhack Full Member

    You're just jealous that his phony shtick got him on the air and your phony shtick didn't. Cry harder faggot.
  5. Anarchist86ed Full Member

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  6. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    Jealous of a guy who is obviously calling Gary all the time begging for attention and when was the last time they had him in studio or on the phone?

    That's right: nobody remembers, and nobody gives a fuck.
  7. effuhack Full Member

    The only guy begging for attention is you faggot. How many times were you banned here trying to get Howards attention. Yeah, suck a cock with your dumb phony shtick.
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  8. Koolaider Full Member

    Who was this dummy, I wonder?
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  9. SiriusXM Full Member

    I don't get this? So who was it? I did not hear this I guess. I have Gary voice mail The number has everybody line. sals,jasons,wills tracy and gary. Jeff the drunk sold it to me for 5 bucks 2 years ago. It's basically a direct line to the show. It must be the same number BOBO has
  10. Anarchist86ed Full Member

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  11. sha sha seany

    sha sha seany VIP: High Register Sean

    you are a sniveling little bitch.
  12. Anarchist86ed Full Member

  13. sha sha seany

    sha sha seany VIP: High Register Sean

    not butthurt at all pal. liver is a cunt. that is all
  14. dogcow Full Member

    i would love to know the backstory of what you did that freaked gary out so much he was afraid to even play your voicemails
  15. TeamJD Full Member

    Thank goodness they stopped paying attention to that guy. He was boring and I bet his stutter was fake.
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  16. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    Only speak kindly of the VIPS if at all
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  17. DrugDealer Full Member

  18. sha sha seany

    sha sha seany VIP: High Register Sean

    gary is not freaked out by me
  19. Frank L. Full Member

    OMG! I cant stop LOL!
  20. Frank L. Full Member

    EEEEEEEEEEEEVERYBODY is freaked out by you....SON!
  21. Siriusly? Full Member

    and you are dangerous and not allowed to go into the studio.. awwwwww poor baby
  22. sha sha seany

    sha sha seany VIP: High Register Sean

    ronni and i are buds. you got it all wrong dumby. i perform at the block partys
  23. cwujvegas7 Full Member

    gary probably doesnt even know who you are
  24. psxpirate2002 Got The Gay

    Fuck u dip shit
  25. LessMoonbeams Full Member



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