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Bam Margera Music Video

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by JonGnagyBeard, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. JonGnagyBeard

    JonGnagyBeard Closed by User

  2. jayquik03 Full Member

    I'm not even going to bother watching this. But thanks for the effort.
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  3. Duckfootball Full Member

    When is this guy going away...
  4. Ugly McJagger Full Member

    I love Bam and the Jackass guys, but Jesus that was cringeworthy bad. Even with that girl's ass in the video, I still only got through half of it.

    Stick to getting dildos shot at you, Bam. This is shit.
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  5. CharacterZer0 Full Member

    wow that chic has a hot ass, well done. i mean awful video, but great fuckin ass shot
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  6. nearly.normal Full Member

  7. MiamiLoco Full Member

    Just watch it with the sound off!!
  8. Stevelangfordsbawls Full Member

    Bam is looking more and more like his Dad these days. He also looks like he's on tons of drugs. I give him a year or two more.
  9. MrJeff2000

    MrJeff2000 SFN Gold Supporter

  10. JonGnagyBeard

    JonGnagyBeard Closed by User

  11. g0rd0 Full Member

    What's with the perpetual hoodie and face jewels?
    Is he trying to become an Arabian woman?
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  12. Mama-looka Full Member

    OK, which is worse? Bam's video or this?

  13. horizonrusted Full Member

    If you only got through half of it, I guess you didn't see the part where he pisses into his own mouth?
  14. mcopley Full Member

    He found himself a hot little slut didn't he. Good for him, she looks batshit and probably likes the cock.

    It's also sweet that she knows she has a nice ass, but the song was not funny or so stupid it was funny. It was jsut nothing,
  15. JonGnagyBeard

    JonGnagyBeard Closed by User

  16. dogcow Full Member

    actually thats not bad, steveo has a decent flow,less annoying beat too
  17. Larry Darrel Full Member

    WTF? "I'm going to titty-f*ck my ass cheeks"? And then he pisses in his mouth? Man, that was deranged, even for a Jackass guy. Girl was hot though; too bad there weren't more shots of her.
  18. evercll Full Member

    Not watching. Just give the minute and second mark where Opie's wife appears!
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  19. acentx Full Member

    After watching this I wish Ryan Dunn would have had one more passenger.
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  20. Mama-looka Full Member

    I'm a big fan of Bam and the Jackass crew.

    But the Bam video that always makes me cringe the most is this one. A great example of crocodile tears;

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  21. mcopley Full Member

    No kidding, we are 138 my man
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  22. mcopley Full Member

    Haha I did but I'm on my phone. It must not have loaded

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