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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by B Stache, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. B Stache

    B Stache SFN Gold Supporter

    Is the best superhero out of them all.
  2. 2thDK Full Member

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  3. the_apex

    the_apex SFN Supporter

    I started playing Arkham City on the Ps3 last weekend. Batman is fucking fun to play.
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  4. NoName

    NoName SFN Supporter

    Batman is not a superhero. He is a vigilante. He possesses no powers.

    End of thread.
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  5. ROBBY241 Full Member

  6. acentx Full Member

    He hung out with a young man in tights.
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  7. Swayze Full Member

    Chriza Batman
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  8. Swayze Full Member

    Naked Critic Batman
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  9. Swayze Full Member


    AG Batman
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  10. ROBBY241 Full Member

  11. ROBBY241 Full Member

  12. Swayze Full Member

    Robs a faggot
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  13. ROBBY241 Full Member

  14. ROBBY241 Full Member

    fuck you coon
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  15. Swayze Full Member

    yer grandfather beat the shit out of you

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  16. ROBBY241 Full Member

  17. Swayze Full Member

    got a hard-on robby?

    fuckin faggo
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  18. ROBBY241 Full Member

    you cant even get that right, you dumb bastard. it was my grandmother. gramps was a fuckin drunk degenerate that never got his ass of the couch unless it was for more booze or cigars.
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  19. ROBBY241 Full Member

    dont force me to fuck you up
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  20. Swayze Full Member

    wow, even worse

    sorry dude, but thats faggo type stuff
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  21. ROBBY241 Full Member

    i pulled through it. i persevered. i conquered those demons.
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  22. Swayze Full Member

    thats good
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