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Beetlejuice & Camille

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by NE169, Oct 18, 2001.

  1. NE169 Full Member

    Was Beetlejuice actually nears tears in the studio on the E! show last night?

    Beet doing a handstand was hilarious--even more impressive that he actually could do it--it looked like his head was in the floor :bg:

    You could see Beet trying to make the kiss last longer!

    Camille also had some nasty-colored teeth!
  2. Anarchess

    Anarchess SFN Gold Supporter

    It was a sweet story though! I really loved it. I am rolling on the floor everytime Beet says "Who, me?" and Jackie just breaks out laughing!
    They did make an odd couple!
    Beetlejuice on his little head reminded me of that picture going around of the "First Afghan Bomb" with the guy upside down with head in the ground:)
  3. JoeyBoots HATER

    Speaking of handstands. I was with BeetleJuice recently and this chick was getting all hardcore lezzie with this other chick and she did a handstand. Well now her ass and muff were right there so Beet spread her legs and stuck his whole face right into her ass. It was the greatest thing seeing his tongue digging away at her sphincter. Everyone was yelling for him to toss her salad and he just went at it hardcore.

  4. NE169 Full Member

    HAHAHA Great little story--he's the perfect height for that.

    I remember seeing an extremely petite chick in college--not a midget/dwarf; everything about her body was normally proportioned, but she had a face like Yoda. I didn't "see her" see her, but always wondered what getting a :bj: would be like with both of us standing! If it wasn't for the face, I think I woulda asked her out for the hell of it!
  5. asteve5 Full Member

    Ahh yes, that was truly a great show last night, that chick should be a regular... She obviously is waked up and is pretty interesting, she should sit in on the news, maybe she'll scream out nigger or faggot a couple of times and then apologize(funny stuff)!!!
  6. Timmer Ex-Staff

    I agree with all. last night was a good show.

    I was also amazed that Beet was able to stand on his head at all since he was stumbling around just to get on the couch since he had a few drinks.

    Hopefully, the E show will make it 2 in a row. Are they going to play the bit tonight where all the guys get dressed in bikinis and they are evaluated?

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