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Beyonce has some thick ass thighs

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by generic, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. generic Full Member

    Beyonce has some thick ass thighs - Updated


    see page 3 for high res pics
  2. mobsmith Full Member

    nothing wrong with that now while she's young and in shape, jay z better enjoy it now because in a few years beyonce will be a modern day aretha
  3. generic Full Member

    you can tell beyonce works out (flat stomach) but she has big natural hips.
  4. chrisnorton Full Member

    those "big natural hips" are usually called a fat ass, and not in a good way
  5. TheBlueprint Full Member

    I don't see anything wrong with that. big ass, big hips, flat stomach, soft skin (you can tell).. mm, mm, good.
  6. fiuspacey Full Member

    I agree. Absolutely nothing wrong with those pictures. I'd get great pleasure out of slapping my thighs against hers. What a hot bitch.
  7. mobsmith Full Member

    when you pull the bitches that generic and chris norton pull youll see where they are coming from ;)
  8. generic Full Member

    i guess your not a fan of degrading women, like myself... j/k

    i just don't find beyonce attractive... jennifer love hewitt, jessica alba, tara reid, etc now that's hot! ;)
  9. mobsmith Full Member

    yeah i see where you're comming from i just felt like saying what i said in the earlier post because iwas bored and needed something to say.
  10. Bud

    Bud SFN Gold Supporter

    I would pay to squeeze my dick in between those thick thighs.

    I love the chub.

    I lick the thick. LOL Yeah Baby! Yeah! :p
  11. Luther Full Member

    When did thick thighs and fat asses become hot? I must of missed the memo.
  12. mobsmith Full Member

    wait, everyone supposed to like the same thing?
  13. Bud

    Bud SFN Gold Supporter

    It was when you were doing Svetlana, the Austrian model with bulemia, who couldn't swallow your load because it had too many calories, and spit back onto you along with her lunch.

    She said she liked you alot. ;)
  14. mobsmith Full Member

    • This user has been removed from public view.
  15. Prince Full Member

    she is ok now.. but I can see her when she is in her 30's-50's she will look like all the old motown women, big glittery moo-moo on :D

    plus she has Thankles & looks like she would takes craps like a rhino

    hahhahaha :D

    also have you ever notice she always has that look on her face like she is borderline retarded
  16. Dabruin2 Full Member

    Sorry folks, but those pictures basically show you that Beyonce has peaked. It's all downhill from here. She can try to stop the onslaught of nature and her genes, but those hips and legs are thick and are only going to get thicker.
  17. Roland Full Member

    I've never been a fan of hers, ever since she ruined my trip to work every morning with all those shite feminist songs i've pretty much hated the bitch, she's already big and fat, can't the world forget about her already and lobby for compensation from the torture the bitch has made millions upon millions of innocent citizens endure?
  18. duke_nemmerle Full Member

    Glad to see we all have different tastes, I'd fuck from here to the next 30lbs she puts on and maybe dump her then.
  19. jokeland Full Member

    Harriet Tubman was fat? You would think that all that walking on the underground railroad would have kept her in good shape well into her later years. I guess you learn something new every day. This place is better than a history book.
  20. Arties Ball Bag Full Member

    I would eat her ass for lunch.
  21. Christopher Walken Full Member

    her ass is so big due to jay-z blowing all those loads in her ass ...

    it builds up ..
  22. Tropez Full Member

    good stuff. love a thick ass.
  23. Luther Full Member

    What can you do with a woman with big hips, thick thighs, and fat asses that you can't do with ideally proportioned one?
  24. Cricket

    Cricket SFN Gold Supporter

    convince her to leave a bar with you easily.

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