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Brandi from Storage Wars was a stripper and has a.....

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by 58lambert, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. skylarbrie Full Member

    love for sale
  2. carlito_tx Full Member

    congrats on a great thread, lambert.

    this is the news that matters. :hathair:
  3. carlito_tx Full Member

    if you can't convince strippers to do "arrestable" acts, you probably shouldn't go to strip clubs. :ass2mouth:
  4. gwarn1

    gwarn1 SFN Gold Supporter

    No shit?
  5. VA_siCkBoy

    VA_siCkBoy SFN Gold Supporter

    Offering up the kootchie to an undercover officer?
    or maybe fighting with another dancer? :dontknow:
  6. gwarn1

    gwarn1 SFN Gold Supporter

    So that one time a stripper offered me a bj for fifty bucks and the laughed and said she was joking she wasn't really joking was she?
  7. VA_siCkBoy

    VA_siCkBoy SFN Gold Supporter

    Probably not.
    I just heard a rumor that the sleazy strip club I've been going to recently got busted this week.
    I haven't been back since last weekend. Might go by after work to see if it's true.
  8. pilot3050 Full Member

    Only way a thread can beat this one for "Thread of the Day" is a thread with those stripper pics. She is sooo fuckin' hot. :nuts:
  9. Hans Licks Full Member

    Can I bid on Brandi?
  10. pilot3050 Full Member

    Can't wait for a "This Ain't Storage Wars" porn parody.. :rofl:
  11. gwarn1

    gwarn1 SFN Gold Supporter

    I heard the strip joints in va sucked so i never went to one in all the years I lived there.

    I heard one of the coffee huts with the bikini baristas got busted here a while back, maybe I'll try for latte today
  12. VA_siCkBoy

    VA_siCkBoy SFN Gold Supporter

    They especially suck around here (virginia beach/norfolk) but this place is very the radar. They do a whole lot of things that other places aren't allowed to do.
  13. gwarn1

    gwarn1 SFN Gold Supporter

    Easier to just go to a crack whore

  14. acagirl98

    acagirl98 SFN Supporter

    nope. or I'm crazy too, one or the other.
  15. macktheknife72 Full Member

    I thought that too but check out her nose in the other pics. I think it's her.
  16. VA_siCkBoy

    VA_siCkBoy SFN Gold Supporter

    Just look at her nose and mouth. It's her....her eye's are all puffy from crying.
  17. jaw_belize

    jaw_belize SFN Supporter

    I think I might have to do a pre pic release jerk.
  18. NachoGrande Full Member

    Nope you're wrong ;). He said not sure if this story is TV appropriate or not..... she started working at the place where i was the manager. While coming back from lunch he said to his boss if you hire her I'm going to date her
  19. Mr Fister Full Member

    The only thing that really irks me about this show is how they determine their "profit". They just point at objects and declare what they are worth. Big difference then selling them for a certain price.
  20. Stevie

    Stevie SFN Gold Supporter

    I wanna look at her butthole...
  21. gwarn1

    gwarn1 SFN Gold Supporter

    I noticed that too, "heres a damaged particle board entertainment center from 1987- four hundred bucks, a kenmore dryer with no door- three hundred fifty, a cracked aquarium one twenty five"
    Spaz Attack likes this.
  22. jaw_belize

    jaw_belize SFN Supporter

    i don't care

    i still like it

    but last night pissed me off
    the wanna be thug was showing his ass and brandi was egging it on

    i almost turned it off

    and then that roundtable "deadliest catch" wanna discussion was so-so

    that tom bhrer dude is a big time with those reality shows. his name is on 90 percent of them
  23. VA_siCkBoy

    VA_siCkBoy SFN Gold Supporter

    "hundred bucks......fifty bucks.....hundred dollar bill"
  24. jaw_belize

    jaw_belize SFN Supporter

    the wow factor!
    Spaz Attack likes this.
  25. NachoGrande Full Member

    Auction hunters on spike is way better. Same show, but they sell the items after they buy them...

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