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@Bronk: That Elisa Jordana Money Making Idea Sure Didn't Last Long

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Sim Sabean, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Sim Sabean Full Member

  2. Horff Full Member

    "Only" 100,000 free downloads.

  3. Sim Sabean Full Member

    He'll get the vagine when he breaks 100,000 :rofl:

  4. Sim Sabean Full Member

    The attention is drying up faster than her pussy
  5. Frank Snotra

    Frank Snotra SFN Gold Supporter

    Benjy must floss with clothesline.
  6. Xtern Full Member

    That tweet is from Dec 4th. The ad for the iTunes version was posted on the 6th. And from what i see on the soundcloud page, there were only 100 free downloads.
  7. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    Almost 15,000 youtube hits and is now time to think of the bigger picture ,,,I think BBronk knows what he is doing.
  8. ShutupMoron

    ShutupMoron SFN Supporter

    In Benjy's defense he spent all his disposable money on beard dye, eyeliner, nail polish and spray-on tan products. He doesn't have any money left over to have his harrable toofers fixed.
  9. Frank Snotra

    Frank Snotra SFN Gold Supporter

    Ultra-bling braces are next
  10. MyLazyHand

    MyLazyHand SFN Supporter

    I am willing to download it 99,800 times and I'll store it in a giant warehouse (Indiana Jones style).
  11. LessMoonbeams Full Member

    Benji needs 2 lose another 25 #'s and hit the
    weight room then and only then will Howie respect
    him. :yes:
  12. MyLazyHand

    MyLazyHand SFN Supporter

    Dr. Kaufmann has 7 caps leftover from a recent successful procedure with a previously-famous client.
  13. ShutupMoron

    ShutupMoron SFN Supporter

    Ralph already snapped them up. Don't they look purty?

  14. MyLazyHand

    MyLazyHand SFN Supporter

    I think it's hilarious that Howard will drop 10 grand on a purse for Beff, but he trades on-air promos for Kaufmann in order to save a few bucks on his mouth.
  15. ShutupMoron

    ShutupMoron SFN Supporter

    If he's telling the truth which is unlikely it's more like 30-35 lbs. Unfortunately all his stretched out excess skin will also need to surgically removed.
  16. Frank Snotra

    Frank Snotra SFN Gold Supporter

    Anyone remember when Ralph had one front tooth that hung down like Madagascar off of Africa?
    silverhawk2003 likes this.
  17. nearly.normal Full Member

    you mean 1500

    [nomedia=""]ONLINE SWEETHEART FT ELISA JORDANA - YouTube[/nomedia]
  18. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    I mean 16,000 plus

    [ame][nomedia=""]ONLINE SWEETHEART - YouTube[/nomedia][/ame]
  19. Cadet Happy

    Cadet Happy SFN Supporter

    :funny: Jesus, you would think even the fans that hate him would at least check the song out since it was on the show -- that's embarrassing :jj:
  20. ShutupMoron

    ShutupMoron SFN Supporter

    :rofl: Now they're getting married.

    Elisa Jordana Music
    @ElisaJordana Elisa Jordana Music
    @jjpepper23 he looks so hot in those earrings I never want him to take them off even at our wedding !!
  21. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    I will agree that I think Elisa is way oversinging.......but she has a good voice and should sing, play and record Deborah Gibson songs.......I have an ear for talent
  22. Frank Snotra

    Frank Snotra SFN Gold Supporter

    Is it just me, or does Elissa have a Melissa Ethridge kinda look about her
    Which would 'splain the no nookie, Lucy
  23. MyLazyHand

    MyLazyHand SFN Supporter

    she just can't find a man.
  24. ShutupMoron

    ShutupMoron SFN Supporter

    silverhawk2003 likes this.
  25. Frank Snotra

    Frank Snotra SFN Gold Supporter

    She IS ear delicious. Make no mistake I wish I was the one squeezing her boobies, at least

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