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Cameron Diaz - Where is the Video ?

Discussion in 'Howard TV' started by Jack20202, May 6, 2006.

  1. Jack20202 Full Member

    I finally get to ask................where is the video of the Cameron Diaz appearance on the Howard Stern Show & her Sybian Ride ?

    Does anybody know anything about this ?

    I'm curious
  2. BFG Full Member

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  3. dweybrecht Full Member

    She was never on there. I think Gary told that to Carmen Electra to convince her to ride.
  4. MAGUSofHELLVIEW Full Member

    awwwe duuuuude. i bet we coulda kept the joke goin for at least 3 pages...
  5. dweybrecht Full Member

    anxious to get the post finished
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  6. Blob Full Member

    Wow, freakin' wow...
  7. envision714 Full Member

  8. conspire Full Member

  9. rhowe004 Full Member

    Very true, but now that the cat's out of the bag...

    Carmen Electra was reluctant to get on the sybian because of her contract with whatever she's doing. It was either Howard or Gary who brilliantly chimed in and said, "Hey, Cameron Diaz rode it too." This way, by naming an A-list celeb, she got right on it. If you're driving it's easy to not catch it, so no big deal if listeners got fooled too.

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