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CBO: Obama's Budget Adds ANOTHER 3.5 TRILLION To The Deficit

Discussion in 'Politics' started by booybob, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. KingOfAllWhites

    KingOfAllWhites SFN Gold Supporter

    Where was your outrage when bush was paying for wars, tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% and medicaid part d by adding to the deficit?
  2. KingOfAllWhites

    KingOfAllWhites SFN Gold Supporter

    Republicans would rather add to our deficit by paying for the Iraqi's to have universal health insurance then our own people.

    Why do republicans hate our country so much?
  3. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    What will be the cost of living in 10 years anyway ? Like prices don't go up ?
  4. Swishbaby

    Swishbaby Closed by User

    That's horseshit and you know it. You're just not paying attention to anything but the left's demonizing of the right on this fucking birth control issue. Most of us 'couldn't care less', as a matter of fact, buy the liberal-biased media are doing all they can to create an edge for Obomba. So now after they phony 'class warfare', we have a phony Republican 'war against women'.

    It really doesn't matter because Obomba got exactly what he wanted with skyrocketing fuel and energy prices. Now we'll see him bounced from the White House. Enough of this light-weight piece of shit. The only thing he's growing is the size of the federal government. The 3 wealthiest counties in the U.S., based on median income, are all near Washington D.C., so you can pretty much figure out where his priorities lie.

  5. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    ^dumb Liberal troll

    Link to where Republicans want any of that?

    Obama's deficits eclipse the shit out of Bush's no matter what you want to believe... The exponential growth in debt has pushed this issue to the forefront.

    Now that that's taken care of, I'm wondering when, if at all, Obama will recognize the unsustainability of our spending?
  6. KingOfAllWhites

    KingOfAllWhites SFN Gold Supporter

    Umm troll, the US made the Iraqi constitution. We ran their country. The white house was occupied by a republican when this happened. They have universal health care. How else did they get it? You can not be this stupid...

    Obama also took over the worst economy in the last century while Bush took over one of the best. What does this have to do with you not saying a peep when Bush was spending trillions on wars, tax cuts for the rich and medicaid without paying for it?

    I love republican hypocrisy
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  7. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    Yeah, we put all kinds of things in there they didn't wan't :rolleyes: You can't be that stupid.

    If you like it so much, move there.

    Bush Bush Bush

    I love Democrat hypocrisy.
  8. KingOfAllWhites

    KingOfAllWhites SFN Gold Supporter

    Have any links to your posts blasting bush? If so, I would be happy to apologize.

    Better get ready for 4 more years of Obama, because it is coming baby...YEAH!!
  9. KingOfAllWhites

    KingOfAllWhites SFN Gold Supporter

    Guess you have no response so you are forced to deflect.

    So you think it is ok to borrow from china and have US taxpayers pay for universal healthcare in Iraq but not for your fellow Americans?

    What did America do to you that you hate it here so much?
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  10. VacateTheWord Full Member

    You have bought into the Liberal Media's narrative. I saw Mitt interviewed yesterday and all he was talking about was the debt, the deficit and jobs and how he would turn the economy around. Please stop pushing the Obama agenda.
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  11. KingOfAllWhites

    KingOfAllWhites SFN Gold Supporter

    Is that the same Mitt who spoke about not caring about poor people?

    Guess that was Mitt pushing the Obama agenda also
  12. NoName

    NoName SFN Supporter

    Mitt put his family's dog on the roof of his car and drove to Canada, during the trip, the dog shit all over the top of the car, Mitt washed it off and continued to drive.

    What was this thread about??
  13. VacateTheWord Full Member

    As I've said repeatedly I would never vote for Ron Paul, and last time I checked he is both a Republican and is running to be the GOP nominee for the Presidency.

    Once again, you try real hard but fall flat on your face.
  14. VacateTheWord Full Member

    A Liberal here will run into this thread and start yelping about Sandra Fluke and her birth control needs and how the Republicans are trying to stop her from pursuing her sexual appetites in 3....2....1.....
  15. NoName

    NoName SFN Supporter

    ....and that Sandra Fluke. She has health insurance that won't cover birth control BUT will cover Vacate's boner meds even though Vacate hates sex.

    How's that buddy?
  16. KingOfAllWhites

    KingOfAllWhites SFN Gold Supporter

    People realize that health insurance has been covering contraception for the past 1000000 years, right?

    Obama is not trying to change anything. Just keep it the way it is and the way it should be. That will be proven in November when he gets reelected for another 4 years and can continue to dig us out of the hole that the republicans sunk us in. Thank you Obama!
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  17. jtheweirdo Full Member

    So you won't vote for the only actual conservative? :jj2:

    You fake conservatives are a laugh riot. :rofl:
  18. Tomofnnh Full Member

    A.B.O. *

    * Does not include (R) Ron Paul
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  19. budgerock Full Member

    Honestly, most people don't really give a shit about 'the deficit'. People want jobs, affordable heath care, and enough money to take a small vacation once a year. Once they have that, then maybe people will worry about the deficit.
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  20. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    You deflected to Bush, 'tard. How fuckin' dumb are you?

    I don't give a fuck what happens to Iraqis. I don't want to pay for shit for them, so I'm not sure where you got the idea that was ok with me or anyone else (except that you are building a rather large strawman that you needed some fuel for apparently).

    So let's clarify: I don't want to pay for anyone's healthcare except my own and my family. Everyone in this country can do the same if they so choose.

    And I'm not sure wtf borrowing from China has to do with anything. Why not write Obama and ask him to budget reasonably so that we don't have to borrow anymore?

    Hello strawman!! :wavespin:

    I wonder if you believe what you write or you think you actually matter to me.

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