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Celebrities Who Are Aging Badly!!

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by loss of control, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. boeing46 Full Member

    Houston was a big sun worshiper. Her fair skin is not going to do well. If one of them had skin cancer I would guess Houston.
    Both of them were hot porn stars. Jenna was prettier but Houston was hotter on film if ya like the nasty stuff.
  2. zha4fh Full Member

    That has to be shopped.
    Looks like a morph between Stern and Bob Dylan.

    Didn't Howard recently said he looked like a 40 year old?
  3. zha4fh Full Member

    Someone on this board said Jon Hein looks like a lesbian grandmother.

  4. evercll Full Member

    Harry Potters grandmother.
  5. Arizona Sun Full Member

  6. Yogmeister Full Member

    Poor Meggy was never the same after Goose died........
  7. CuddlyMuffin17

    CuddlyMuffin17 SFN Supporter

    I figured most women would catch that. :blink: She must have done her makeup herself, I can't think of any semi-qualified makeup artist doing that. The picture is just a whole bunch of wrong. Not only is the "half" makeup job bad, so is the dark shading down the nose, (which is already slender to begin with, why try to make it look more so?)

    It's too bad, she was a beautiful woman. Now, she's just another aging hollywood celebrity who succumbed to the knife.
  8. dipshook Full Member

    Not shopped. Here is the Post article from 2/16/2010:
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  9. k9feces Full Member

  10. fuddco Full Member

    If Clooney had work his doctor is a genius. He looks better than his younger days.
  11. xdavidx Full Member

  12. Yankee876 Full Member

    Notice how all these before and after train wrecks are all WHITE....

    Here are some colored before and after.


    20 years later



    15 years later


  13. JUST1COMMENT Full Member

  14. zha4fh Full Member

    At first glance, that is Bob Dylan...sans the fro.
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  15. Head Censor Full Member

    I've always been attracted to her and think she looks good here as well.
  16. Murcielago Full Member

    Whitney Houston would like a word with you



  17. Ingens Full Member

    Two for one.

  18. Haarible Full Member

    Micks like it when their wives get bigger.
  19. joyceface Full Member

    Roger had papillary thyroid cancer. Van Halen had mouth cancer. I don't think it was a lifestyle thing. IF anything Eddie had WORSE lifestyle.

    I always get irked when Howard justifies someone's illness on their lifestyle to make himself feel better. Sometimes people just get sick and it's not their fault. People like to think they have such great control over things. To a certain extent yes, but to alot of things it's just a lot of randomness that goes on.
  20. Porchmonkeys Full Member

    where the one of larry before and after and the after is the skulls and bones
  21. King Of All Chris's

    King Of All Chris's SFN Gold Supporter

    That's too scary for Howard's OCD mind to think of. He needs a reason for things otherwise he'd curl into a ball from fear.
  22. SombdyDropBelzo Full Member

    That was very witty and very funny. Well done!:bigsmile:
  23. blottomsup Full Member

    It does look like he's had a nose job.

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