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Cheerleader upskirts

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by Bob Thorney, May 20, 2003.

  1. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Have you seen this web site?:

    They've got pics of cheerleader upskirts from high schools across the U.S. :p




    "This website is an absolute disgrace..."--Vice Principal R. Maglione, W.R.H.S.
  2. TheyCaIIMeBruno Full Member

    Thanks!!! [IMG]

    but aint these a little too old for you? any Preteens llike in middle school?? ha ha!!

    "This website is an absolue disgrace.... where is the hidden bathroom shots? " --Vice Principal R. Maglione, W.R.H.S. [/b] [/quote]
  3. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Do I see some Cheerleader cameltoe? :D

  4. TheyCaIIMeBruno Full Member

    It's ok, debbie, i won't tell no one, bob, did you say his name was bob..."

  5. TheyCaIIMeBruno Full Member

    YIKES!! good ass shit Bob!! thanks man, any more cool sites liek these? I have to bring my camera to a High school game ha ha!!


    ahhh!! lookee!! at this cheerleader!! god damn slut!! What cheerleader doenst wear panties in a game in front of people? god bless dumb bitches!!

  6. TheyCaIIMeBruno Full Member

    3 months for $10.00 i hope they take money order.. i dont' want to use my CC.. bob what do you use to pay for that shit? If you use your CC, can i send you a money order for it? thanks man!!!
  7. Bob Thorney Full Member

    I only look at the free pics. ;)
  8. TheyCaIIMeBruno Full Member

    cheap pervert. Support the Perverts that work so hard taking those pictures!! you get better pics! ha ha!! my other i told you about used to have Gymanist upskirts and Real teen and preteen chearleader upskirts.. but they took it off for some reasons.. shucks!!!
  9. Modane

    Modane SFN Gold Supporter

    Hey Bob there was a guy that liked to do kids on the season finale of CSI: Miami and he reminded me of you!! ha ha!! :nn:
  10. zeeman101 Full Member

  11. Kerupt Full Member

    :spit: 2 fucking funny !!!!
  12. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Sorry I missed it! ;)

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