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christwire on howard this morning. its like the 0nion

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by PittsburghMike, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. PittsburghMike Full Member

  2. Gretsch_Man

    Gretsch_Man Closed by User

    Of all the religious people in the world, Christians have got to be the fucking stupidest. Sure Jews get picked on for being cheap or whatever, but you never see them say retarded shit like that... or Buddhists for that matter.
  3. JohnTaper Full Member

    It is a joke site LIKE THE ONION! It's trolling ways have fooled another. Unless you're doing the same thing now that that site does...
  4. hbtonyb Full Member

    Howard's staff really made him look like an idiot. There should be reparations.
  5. Gretsch_Man

    Gretsch_Man Closed by User

    Ah. I still dunno how to tell the difference though.
  6. monkeyshine Full Member

    an idiot calling other people stupid.
    gotta love the internet.
  7. JohnTaper Full Member

    Even if it's not a mock site, then the person who wrote that article is definitely punking that site. I just glanced really.
  8. Gretsch_Man

    Gretsch_Man Closed by User

    Yeah. It's almost as bad as when someone who can barely put two sentences together calls someone else an idiot.
  9. Mr Fister Full Member

    When Howard was reading those articles I could only think, "this shit can't be real.". LOOKS LIKE I WAS RIGHT.
  10. kiiski Full Member

    Liberals fall for Christwire all the time. Rachel Maddow got her balls caught in the trap last week.

  11. Gretsch_Man

    Gretsch_Man Closed by User

    There's a good explanation for that actually. There's even a name.

  12. Purity Knight Full Member

    The article Howard read referred to cocks as "flesh swords". That should have been a red flag. :jj:
  13. nemo Full Member

    Another embarrassing segment ....thanks to howards incompetent lefty staff!

    Twitter AND shitting on Jesus is one amazing story.
    Will, Jason, and JD must have ejaculated all over each other when this story popped up on Google alert!

    Benjy's guest bombed too. Super Jew broad was obviously a Bronk bomb....he was laughing way too hard trying to sell that disaster!
  14. Ham'n'Slam Full Member

    If by 'good explanation' you mean the inability to assess things that you have already rejected.

    There's a site for fans of an NFL team I frequent where posters will occasionally pull a mult to spout purposely asinine assessments of what the team needs to do, or how certain aspects of the team are progressing, and all the knowledgeable fans see the schtick right away and chuckle, while the more casual fans go retard strength furious.

    Seems similar here. The less you understand or the more you are infuriated by fundamentalists, the less able you will be to differentiate earnest from parody.
  15. ChimneyPortions

    ChimneyPortions Account On Hold

    and "milk nipples.":D

    Howard won't address this goof. Doing that wouldn't aid in his delusions that the world hates him....or remembers him.
  16. Prowler909 Full Member

    I'm surprised Howard and his crack staff were duped by this, but it seems like he gets excited every time his name is mentioned in the media these days. This error will call for a lengthy discussion on the next show, followed by further banter about it on the subsequent WUS.
  17. farmgirl Probationary Member

    Can't beat great satire! Why would they even stumble on that site? Looking up his name through LexusNexus?
  18. Terrapin420 Full Member

    this is what I was thinking too.
  19. lesbian seagull Full Member

  20. chibchakan Full Member

  21. J Mets Full Member

    In Howard's defense, the only groups he allows to be made fun of on his show these days are southerners, social conservatives, religious people, and republicans. Therefore he must grasp at whatever straws he can find in order to bust balls
  22. nemo Full Member

    Grandpa had a chance to plug his twitter account and shit on Jesus.......and talk to Mario about his cock!

    I counted 3 loads blown today by Howard....he was all sexed up!
  23. taffinabean Full Member

  24. nemo Full Member

    The Stern show is a poorly scripted reality infomercial.
    No surprise that Howard didn't seem to be bothered the story wasn't true.
  25. J Mets Full Member

    Wow, New York actually looks pretty hot there

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