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Cindy Margolis And Friend

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by BrerJimmy, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. BrerJimmy

    BrerJimmy Closed by User

    Does anyone remember how hot this was? It's on E! right now and it brings back such fond memories. Baba Booey later said that Cindy made the other chick disappear because she was jealous. Has anyone dug up any info on this other chick? (I think her name was Elisa or something close.)
  2. tmarsh8600 Full Member

    Howard stuck his tongue down both of their throats.

    The 2nd chick was hot. I think Howard liked her better than Cindy.
  3. JoeyBoots HATER

    I just wish cindy's friend didnt welch and she took off her chicks can be so damn uptight......i woulda kicked them to the curb......dumb hot whores.:boobies:
  4. Luther Full Member

    Timmer Supporter? WTF is that?
  5. tmarsh8600 Full Member

    I contributed to the Timmer fund to send him to Boston and that listing was posted under my name for the contribution.
  6. Roland Full Member

    I saw the first part of that show last night after watching Teri Hatcher give Howard a lap dance (shit she is looking fine!).
    Damn i've never seen it before but both Cindy and her friend looked pretty fucking amazing. Anyway second part should be on in a couple of hours, reminders are all set so there is no way im missing this one :)
  7. Luther Full Member

    OK thanks for clearing that up. I was suspicious that Timmer was accepting blumpkins in return for SFN special status.
  8. JoeyBoots HATER

    Ive had generous peeps help me get to vegas back in the days when i had no cash to go.....this year and last haha.......i gave to timmer too....i just wish i coulda gave more and i hope he collects enough to go and have a swell time....he does so much good work here he should have it pay off with a fun weekend with the psychos i know all too well. :hw:
  9. hehateme Probationary Member

    One of the best episodes ever. I had it on vcr tape, now I have it tivoed forever. :cool:
  10. hendrix5150 Full Member

    yeah the last time Cindy was on the show she said that she is no longer friends with that girl. She said she messed around on her Husbands friend that she was engaged to. If you remember right when they were both on the show, they were friends because Cindy's husbands best friend was engaged to her. Well I guess that bitch was fucking guys behind his back.. yeah thats a fucking shocker!
  11. KOBERULES Full Member

    I will say that chick is the hottest to ever apear on howard's show.
  12. hehateme Probationary Member

    I agree she was way hotter than cindy. Atleast she shared the love.
  13. ArExSiete

    ArExSiete SFN Gold Supporter

    That chick looked alot like Beth O
  14. conner Probationary Member

    she be hot
  15. gk1impulse Full Member

    Damm don't we miss the old times, when the show actually had an edge to it...Come on sattelite..
  16. captainstabbin Full Member

    I beat my cock like it owed me money to her...
  17. T Rath Full Member

    The two shows last night were like the yin and yang of hot chicks. Fisrt is Cindy and friend, acting too good for a wet t-shirt contest, the one won't pull down her pants. And acting all coy and shit because, say it with me, "they're hot."

    Then you have the porn star that's completely cool, answers all the questions, dresses in the outfit, flashes Artie her snatch and gets in the tickle chair.

    Three hot chicks and the only one worth anything is the slut.

    This is the difference between Howard and me, and why he is worth millions and I'm a schlub. I'd have told Cindy and the other skank to get the fuck out of the studio, no plugs, and talked shit about them for the rest of the show. There are too many hot chicks willing to play along, get naked and entertain the people to put up with this coy crap from some broad that does nothing except pose in bikinis on the internet.

    The porn star was great and I would have kept her in there as long as she wanted to have fun. Once that stops, time for you to go.

    Give me an avergare looking woman that appreciates the attention over these "hot" broads that don't understand they are there to entertain people not have praise lavished on them because of a fluke of genetics.
  18. BladeJrs Probationary Member

    The Jesse Jane episode ruled last night. Cindy Margolis seemed like a total uptight bitch compared to JJ, but she's always good to look at.
  19. sleepy_pete Full Member

    :j1: :lol:
  20. Carl Full Member

    Definately one of the hottest episodes. I get a boner every time I see it.

    For a while, Gary had is pants in his lap, he was hiding his tool.
  21. gk1impulse Full Member

    I wonder what Cindy is doing nowadays, she was getting up in age when she was last on howard, and the wrinkles and sagging can't be far down the road...
  22. ericseidle Full Member

    that was awesome
  23. mvarner Probationary Member

    The second girl was hotter than Cindy.

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