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copter's SFRT and Beer League pics!!!

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by copter, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. copter Well-Known Member

  2. whuckawazza Full Member

  3. Mr Fister Full Member

    Nice pics. Thanx
  4. copter Well-Known Member

    here I am with Benjy


    With the lovely Laura and skp

    What up bitches?? What up hoes??? The lovely Madison singer of the Friday show song!!

  5. elroyjonz Full Member

    nice pics...especially of Lori
  6. Schmitt Full Member

  7. copter Well-Known Member

    SFRT Pics!!!

    Ballon Knott taking a pic of me!


    Lookin like a whale on the round table :eek:mfg:


    Hollywood Mutt!!!

    I love this pic! Mostly because of who took it..


  8. ilovesavanna Full Member

    nice pix..........none of me!
  9. ANTHONYC Full Member

    ive never seen a bad pic of lori, she is quality
  10. NWSternGirl Well-Known Member

    I'm SO envious, copter! Looks like it was a fuckin' blast. I'm really happy for ya. I gotta get me-self back to nyc.
  11. copter Well-Known Member

    I think I just finished... :jerk:

    Here I am with my boy Jason! He hooked me up and gave me a tour of Studio 69! FUCKING AWESOME!!! :bwtd:


    Here I am wiht Dark Mutt!

  12. SiriusDude

    SiriusDude VIP: Sirius Staff

    Nice pix Copter. It was good to see ya again brudda! :gwave:
  13. copter Well-Known Member

    Bubba Meet and Greet at H00ters!!!

    With Mosey and skp

    AnthonyC and RC


    Mallof's brother and Bubba!


    Brent and Spice!



  14. alisa Full Member

    sweet copter! :btu: thanks for posting all the pics. :D
  15. Pete From PA

    Pete From PA SFN Gold Supporter

    Great stuff, Copter! Looks like you had a great time! What were your impressions of Studio 69?
  16. RayRay36 Full Member

    Cool pics, thanks for sharing :D
    <------ Jealous
  17. Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha

    Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha SFN Gold Supporter

  18. skp2978

    skp2978 SFN Gold Supporter

    No thank you, Brotha! I wouldn't have been there without you and I had the time of my freakin life.
  19. copter Well-Known Member

    Getting gay with the Juice!

    Did you just grab my tit??

    Gotta love SFN broads...

    Lori right before she disapeared :(



    Akira the Asian Invasion!! Spice you lucky bastard!!!


    Me and my boy Miller

  20. Gene Simmons Of KISS Full Member

    NICE PICS! Who is Lori? I still want to marry the girl in your av, Copter :D
  21. copter Well-Known Member

    Next time get a sitter dude! We gotta have some beers!
  22. Lori

    Lori VIP: SFRT Regular

    Sirius Dude's a dickwad, you can drink with me Copter.
  23. LISA C.

    LISA C. SFN Gold Supporter

    :spit: I think the pic. of you and GT is my favorite, Copter. The look on your face (and the grin on Gay Tony's face) is priceless! :lol:
  24. copter Well-Known Member

    Oh I'll be drinkin with you babydoll.. Any chance you can bring that sexy Maloof with ya??? :jerk:
  25. ilovesavanna Full Member

    hey baby! so sorry, i didn't make it either :(

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