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Couple Has Sex On Stage At Norwegian Music Festival: Photos

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by Purity Knight, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Purity Knight Full Member

    A young couple engaged in sexual intercourse on stage during a live performance by the Norwegian band THE CUMSHOTS at the Quart festival in Kristiansand, Norway earlier today (July 6). Tommy Hol Ellingsen, 28, and Keona Johansson, 21, who are said to be members of the activist group "Fuck For The Rainforest", were called up on stage by THE CUMSHOTS' lead singer, and proceeded to have sex on stage to the crowd's applause, as the band played on. Local politicians in the religious stronghold of Kristiansand are outraged by the incident, and the police are currently considering an investigation. Check out the pictures:






    These shots have some more blatant nudity, so click at your own risk - pretty hot chick IMO!
  2. Oz

    Oz SFN Gold Supporter

    • This user has been removed from public view.
  3. Wahoolee Full Member

    they need an excuse to fuck?

    i don't. do any of you?
  4. Focus Full Member


    When I was 17, I fucked in a treefort!
  5. moral_virus Full Member excuse is the need for an air pump to get her in the mood. :D
  6. Luther Full Member

    Pathetic attempt to get attention.
  7. Focus Full Member


    Old CowBoy trick....
  8. Oz

    Oz SFN Gold Supporter

    :nono: -

    they fuck to raise money for the rainforest -

    perhaps you could raise money for the Bush campaign by fucking your favorite sock - :hw:
  9. Purity Knight Full Member

    I love this hippy fuckin rocker chick. Check out this little mini clip from her site, her little dick sucking norwegian accent is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Nice piercing too.


  10. NWSternGirl Well-Known Member

    This one is my favorite cuz it looks like a threesome, err, unless you count the mike going down the singer's throat a foursome! :3some:
  11. Purity Knight Full Member

    Re: Re: Couple Has Sex On Stage At Norwegian Music Festival: Photos

    :jj: :jj: I was thinking the same thing... first time I saw that I all I could think of was "TRAIN!!" :D
  12. vmanv Full Member

    I had a band named The Cumshots when I was in 8th grade, how original
  13. Oz

    Oz SFN Gold Supporter

    they ripped you off? bastards.
  14. Shamela

    Shamela SFN Gold Supporter


    People deserve to see the original.

    And, anyone who has a concern about content should know better than to open a "Couple has sex on stage" thread at work.
  15. SeniorStinky Full Member

    Okay... I'll be the asshole... these pictures are in general chatter as opposed to the adult forum because ??
  16. coldandugly

    coldandugly SFN Gold Supporter

    What is because it was posted here Alex
  17. ebizwizard Full Member

    saw their website...slow (get a real server) and another excuse for skank porn. WTH--it's sure not hurtin anybody
  18. Purity Knight Full Member

    The pictures that had blatent nudity, I didn't link directly. The ones I did post were covered in shadow... ok so you saw a nipple in a couple.

    Since you're "the asshole", I might as well reiterate - If you're at work and you see a thread that says COUPLE HAS SEX ON STAGE:PHOTOS , its probably not something you should fucking click on.

    I remember when SFN used to be a free wheeling, anything goes atmosphere, and now you have a bunch of fucking hall monitors crying if they so much as see a nipple. You people are like the ones who get a cup of coffee that says WARNING HOT COFFEE, then takes a big gulp, and then sues the vendor for selling them hot coffee.

  19. croman Full Member

    Many Kudo's to these crazy Mofo's. I couldn't imagine getting enough wood to screw a girl in front of 1000's of people.

    Hereby, I give my nomination of the 'Woody in spite of all odds' award to this crazy mutherfucker!
    • This user has been removed from public view.
  20. croman Full Member

    It got Fark'ed . Kinda a close second to getting Slashdot'd.
  21. Timmer Ex-Staff

    "I'll allow it"

    Referee from Celebrity DeathMatch
  22. Timmer Ex-Staff

    The good ol days...

    When life and SFN was so much simplier
    Before all the assholes came here and tried to ruin it
  23. Purity Knight Full Member

    Wise Timmer speaks :clap:

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