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Denise Richards Loves Anal!!!

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by chibchakan, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. chibchakan Full Member

  2. Rt4957 Full Member

    This thread is Useless without Photographic Proof!
  3. bdbx18 Full Member

    I seriously doubt that. She appears to be very much a uppity prude in that reality show of hers years ago. In fact, she destroyed my fantasy so badly that I now believe most hotties are downright bitches after the ring and a few kids !!
  4. R.P. McMurphy Full Member

    ...i think howard is beginning to realise he was a bit hastey. can you imagine that waxed butthole calling for your dick. oh gotta get her on my bucket list. if shes got any freckles i want to fuck her until they fall off.
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  5. djlenny Full Member

    nothing better then a chick who bleaches her asshole
  6. bucket_buddy2 Full Member

    holy fuck...would would would would would would would would would would would would would would would would would would would would would would would would would would...:penis:
  7. scumby Full Member

    Giant prick tease. That's why CHarlie had to get a hooker.
  8. DeadBianca Full Member

    With a turd cutter like this, she had better.

  9. mrsluda85 Full Member

    She's just telling Howard what she thinks he wants to hear.
  10. wesmantooth

    wesmantooth SFN Gold Supporter

  11. crazyalicerox Full Member

    She seems slutty. Could believe it.
  12. garypagetwo Full Member

    most overrated butterface ever.
  13. reds ftw Full Member

    You need to be euthanized.
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  14. Gisele Bundchen Full Member

    Was never really into her.

    She could have hooked up with a lot of Hollywood actors, but chose Charlie Sheen. That lowers her IQ to borderline retard
  15. Matwiow Full Member

    Yeah, no. She's not my favorite, but at least she used to have a BEAUTIFUL face, stunning. I think she's playing Howard a little, but she seems nice and slutty.
  16. ply474 Full Member

    good colorful interview, cant throw her outta bed for eating cookies. or should it be said hotel room.
  17. boeing46 Full Member

    She may have said things she knew Howard wanted to hear but it was sexy anyway. If she's half of what she said she's hot.
  18. Natural11 Full Member

    You get a girl horny enough and anal is no problem, uppity or not.
  19. Dick Tree Full Member

    If even half of what she said is true, that makes her a fantastic catch. How Charlie Sheen could cheat on her is amazing.
  20. mattybananas Probationary Member

    Last time she was on the show she said she swallows
  21. bdbx18 Full Member

    The next time she's on, she'll say she loves bareback sex with anonymous Stern fans.
  22. ENbc Full Member

    Denise will be on the local news in NY on Channel 4 in a few minutes! Her first interview since Charlie's "allergic reaction".
  23. AngryAccountant

    AngryAccountant Closed by User

    Homo say what?

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