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Does anyone know how much each staff member makes?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Juju Alma, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. artiesoffspring Full Member

    That's all he does?
  2. FrankieBNYC

    FrankieBNYC Closed by User

    He programs DVR's & pulls media clips from paid services
  3. artiesoffspring Full Member

    People do that shit at home for Fandango vouchers.
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  4. White Russian Full Member

    Gary lives either in New Canaan or Greenwich, CT. I forget which but they're basically the same. From the "Man Cave," I'd guess his house is worth in the neighborhood of $2 or $3 million. I'd guess he's making $800,000 - $1.5 million. Robin and Fred are well over a million and maybe over $2 million.

    As for the rest of the staff, I'd be surprised if any of them - even Brandano and JD - were making less than $50,000. Most of them are probably easily over $100K.

    It's NY and even if some of them live in NJ or L.I., it's still expensive. Why else would some of them stick around? Other than Stuttering John, who was the last key employee to voluntarily leave? They're well paid...
  5. mrs hooknose Full Member

    i remember reading that guys like jd make like 20k
  6. Erleichda Full Member

    HowardTV buys everyone a free breakfast 3 days a week, 38 weeks a year. Not too shabby...
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  7. FrankieBNYC

    FrankieBNYC Closed by User

    Robin is well over 5 million
    She said she was making over a million in 90
  8. rolltide

    rolltide SFN Gold Supporter

    How is knowing or even speculating what they make working on the show; going to matter to the world?

    In other words who fucking cares?
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  9. Puncher

    Puncher Closed by User

    I love how so many SFNers on here are doing the payroll for the HSS.
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  10. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    I'm sure he's gotten a raise since 2009
  11. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    Back off Tide ...this is important yenta sfn business
    no need for the likes of you to interfere
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  12. nearly.normal Full Member

    O camon you can do better than that. Don't you have made up statistics and opinions that you can try and pass off as facts about how much Howard made and paid in the past compared to now that somehow prove how irrelevant and shitty the show has become?

    Or maybe a wacked out salary to ratings AGT ratio that shows what a failure Howard is?
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  13. bjj1073768 Full Member

    If Robin is not making many millions (which she certainly is) than Don Buchwald is a terrible agent for her. Robin's recent departure shows how important she is to the show - not just for her own comments but Howard is not as confident (and the show is not as good without her). Robin is a crutch for Howard, and she deserves big money since Howard makes huge money.
  14. nearly.normal Full Member

    "Internet sources" claim she makes 10 mil a year.

    I can believe that
  15. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    easy ...she lives in Howie's hood ...no cheap ass hood
    and has a huge summer home in Jersey not to mention
    that white elephant in Staten Island plus all her cats and
    their expensive surgeries and things of that nature it is
  16. Erleichda Full Member

    It's because we are all a bunch of gossiping fags - welcome to the club!!! :hand:
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  17. Gindaloonatic Full Member

    Excellent wackpack phrase amalgamation, sir.
  18. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    thaaank youuuuuuuu ( WTR )
  19. dpt21184 Full Member

    I wanna know what Ralph makes cause I'm still trying to figure out what that guy even does to deserve a paycheck.
  20. rolltide

    rolltide SFN Gold Supporter

    ....whatever that unfunny bitch makes still isn't enough to get her lazy fat ass into the studio.
  21. snoop30 Full Member

    The people who work really hard starting from J.d make the lowest to the people who work the highest get paid more like gary 3days in a week
  22. boeing46 Full Member

    Sirius pays the people on the HSS much more than any other radio station in the country. If Howard is making anywhere near the amount many have speculated the staff is also more than compensated. Assistants like JD anywhere else are payed about minimum wage if that. The on air talent on the HSS make way more than they did before Sirius. The HSS has a lot more listeners than we think especially for Sirius to pay all those people as much as they do. They have a huge staff like an entertainment tv show has. I'll bet Howard sees to it that everybody is paid well or we would hear a lot of complaints. This is all speculation but makes sense to me and I don't know shit and most of us don't.
  23. FrankieBNYC

    FrankieBNYC Closed by User

    This is SFN

    You have to respond with a decade old "marbles" quote

    Truth & reality are not to be found here

  24. Vidiot Full Member

    I'd bet she makes about 10% of what Howard makes, which is not unreasonable. On the low side (which I believe), she'd be making $5 million a year; on the high side, it'd be double that.
  25. CowardStern Full Member

    I don't think Sirius pays the HSS staff directly, I think Howard's production company does, doesn't it? I would assume Howard's production company receives the ~$100M (or whatever the figure is) and pays all of the production, staff, and programming costs from that pot of money. Which is why it's extremely hypocritical and flat out BS when Howard complains about budgetary issues etc when he's the president of his company and handles all those costs and likely pays his staff shit. I think it's hilarious when he says that he negotiates his salary separately from Robin, Fred, Gary, etc, when he's the one basically paying the salaries through his production company, and ludicrous when he complains about no money in the budget for new content etc, when it's his company that is supposed to handle the programming costs.

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