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eric the midget is bitchy lil jerk

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by sha sha seany, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. sha sha seany

    sha sha seany VIP: High Register Sean

    you cant stop shitting all over the show becuase your head is full of shit and everytime you talk it just comes gushing out your mouth. get a grip you fool. make something of yourself. when i write for tim and eric we will make skits about your dyed pubic hair
  2. max_headroom Full Member

    He's club fucking footed you asswipe. :rolleyes:
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  3. sha sha seany

    sha sha seany VIP: High Register Sean

    tru. but an ugly clubfooted pube dying ingrate
  4. mrs hooknose Full Member

    little faggot
  5. Hermit Krabtree Probationary Member

    His ungratefulness and bitchiness IS why he's so funny. You know that's
    why Howard always lets him back on the air.
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  6. burr Full Member

    Not a good time to lose one's head.

  7. Charlie Don't Surf Full Member

    He's a funny little dude.
  8. DrugDealer Full Member

  9. Ryan_lever UnDead

    It is eric the actor
  10. risk Full Member

  11. Steven_Stinker Probationary Member

    I have a movie plot for Eric. How about he plays an actor gets all these movie and tv offers but turns them all down. Like he was offered the lead role in godfather or lead role in gone with the wind. It can be turned into a Howard exclusive.
  12. Jake Death Full Member

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  13. Ryan_lever UnDead

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