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Ever notice that when a fat chick wears high heels, their legs resemble pig hooves

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by 2manboobs, May 23, 2009.

  1. 2manboobs

    2manboobs Closed by User

    I contend that if you were to spray paint their legs & shoes a light shade of pink, it would be very difficult to tell the difference

  2. phuck the fcc Full Member

    well the gal doesnt have cankles in that pic
  3. Kinski

    Kinski SFN Gold Supporter

    Ever notice that when a pig wears high heels, they resemble fat chicks?
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  4. phuck the fcc Full Member

    i hope this thread isnt about Shawn Johnson...cause shes cute
  5. 2manboobs

    2manboobs Closed by User

    I know...I couldnt find a closeup of a fat chicks legs in high heels....but you know what I'm talking 'bout
  6. 2manboobs

    2manboobs Closed by User

    No I believe it just came out that she was just pretending to be a girl...she's really a 15 year boy
  7. #10 Nigga

    #10 Nigga Account On Hold

    You're welcome in advance.

  8. 2manboobs

    2manboobs Closed by User

    Now THATS what I'm talking about.....Is that Kyle Bush's wife?
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  9. krustytheklown Full Member

    Those must be some strong fucking shoes. I wonder what the load rating is on them.
  10. 2manboobs

    2manboobs Closed by User

    How 'bout just puttin' on some tennis shoes and start jogging a few hundred miles
  11. leedsunited Full Member

    Funny shit, mate! How do the these thoughts come so early? I laugh just thinking- well here I am bored as fuck, let me post this thought :whiskey: Cheers!
  12. nickie Full Member

    ever notice that really really "smart" witty people post here....:rolleyes:

    back up the trailer MARTHA.....
  13. krustytheklown Full Member

    Are the insults hitting a little too close to home for you ?
  14. #10 Nigga

    #10 Nigga Account On Hold

    Skinny girls often get upset when you make fun of fat people.
  15. Maschine Zeit Full Member

    their feet aren't the only thing that looks like a pig.

  16. phuck the fcc Full Member

    either way id still do it to that person
  17. keywordpk

    keywordpk SFN Supporter

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