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"Every guy's the same." - Elisa Jordana in the green room..

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Juju Alma, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    Turns out Benjy's just another guy. And it doesn't looks like she's crying over the audition itself. It's somewhere in the middle if you want to skip the boring shit.

  2. Capegirlal Full Member

    Thank you so much for was even more painful to watch then to listen to if that's possible!
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  3. nearly.normal Full Member

    [quot="JDs_subway_mugger, post: 23757858, member: 281072"]

    Elisa comes in at 0:48:00
    Check out the look on Benjy's face at 48:48 when Robin asks if she's drunk.
    At 56:58 Gary comes over to remove Elisa from the studio (ouch!)
    57:23 Elisa talks to the camera outside the studio and it's clear she's over the relationship with Benjy, complaining that he cared about her and did stuff for her, but once they had sex that went away.
    By 59:00 she's in tears and ranting about how Benjy doesn't care about anyone because he had his ex-gf on the show 3 times looking fat and participating in a contest that made her look dumb. Not sure who the blonde woman in the green room with Elisa is but she is the voice of reason and I applaud her.

    1:01:00 to 1:07:50 is more of the Tommy interview, but then more Elisa/Benjy. No video if the cupcake smash though.[/quote]

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  4. Jack Mehoffer Full Member

    Which one is the fat ex-girlfriend that this dumb chick is referring to?
  5. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    I think Sarah Huellhowser or whatever her name is.
  6. sheri santiago Full Member

    "Every guy is the same" is the kind of thing insecure girls say when a guy stops wanting to bang her. Have some more vodka, honey.
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  7. dogcow Full Member

    man she is hot,i dont get it

    performance was HORRIBLE tho i remember half asleep thinking it was ok when i heard it on the radio but man seeing it is a lot different.
  8. dogcow Full Member

    LOL 55:16 the look on tommys face is hilarious hes clearly had enough. also he looks way different than his voice sounds, he has a really cool deep voice.
  9. CBinRI Full Member

    I never thought that I would say this but I kinda feel bad for Benjy. It can be kinda embarassing when your gf is exposed as batshit crazy.
  10. hazate Full Member

    Hmmm sounds like he end is near...
  11. deezz Full Member

    That was a total embarrassment for the show. Just a cluster fuck of nonsense.
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  12. dogcow Full Member

    oh man she seems like a real fucking handful super needy christ.
  13. mrsluda85 Full Member

    "Don't toot your own horn". Strong advice from Mr. "I saved Sirius".
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  14. midgettosser Full Member

    I give benjy credit, he's willing to go to great lengths to get a piece of ass he wouldn't be able to get if it weren't for his job. Once this idiot decides she's wasting her time with him and leaves, he'll probably use the show to get another talentless broad into modeling or something.
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  15. deezz Full Member

    Agreed. Bronk knows how to use the show to get chicks he could never get on his own.
  16. Harvestsorrow Full Member

    this chick is a mess. I like how she blames benji for her disastrous performance.
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  17. bigredc222 Full Member

    That's great good for him.
    Howard always told the guys they were idiots to get married, when they can use the show to get woman,
    but now that Benji is doing that, they all tell him he should get married.

    I never liked Benji, but I do feel bad for him.
    if he would have jumped up with her, God knows how Howard would have reacted.
    She's just like a lot of other hot girls, they are used to getting their way.

    Talking about their relationship Elissa said they didn't do it right,
    She was the one that pushed to move in, he didn't want to,
    and she wanted to get married right away also.
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  18. Jack Mehoffer Full Member

    Wait, that sexy blonde? I don't think she was fat, she was kinda goofy but hotter than Elisa's annoying ass.
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  19. bluedevil30 Full Member

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - I really can't sing!!
  20. Sal Undy Full Member

    Annoying cunt.
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  21. Hurricane Mark Full Member

    this vid clearly shows she was never really into benjy and was into being on the show. She had a one on one with many artists would give there left arm for 2 minutes of his time??!!..The guy makes superstars...She totally blew it...and what is with that outfit she was wearing??!!!????
  22. HEELatkins Full Member

    False. This was thhe type of stuff the show needs again.
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  23. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    He's not been in the making super-stars business
  24. defhermit Full Member

    I wish Howard and everyone else would have really hammered home the point Tommy actually made, Elissa's voice is thin and weak. She doesn't have a voice good enough for singer-songwriter stuff, which she has claimed she was. She just needs to stop claiming she's a singer/songwriter. Jennifer Lopez doesn't show up on Good Morning America with an acoustic guitar. There's a reason for that. If she's serious about really wanting to attempt a career in music she needs to stop performing in genres that she's not impressive in.

    That song was terrible, and everyone listening was bored of the chord progression before she even started singing. She then repeated or paraphrased the same 2 lines endlessly for like a 4 minute song.

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