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For The Women...Do You Like Nipple Sucking?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Ghost of Dlobo, May 9, 2009.

  1. Ghost of Dlobo Probationary Member

    I have noticed, at least the women that I have dated, that many of them do not care for nipple sucking. They get aroused when you touch their boobs, but the girls I know do not seem to care for nipple sucking. Maybe it is the calibier of women I know, but does it turn you or not?

    Basically boobs are just fatty glands but I think there are just something about them to us guys. Just curious...
  2. KingofCanada

    KingofCanada SFN Supporter

    I know there are lots of women who definitely go nuts for it, but I've also known several who either say their nipples are no more sensitive than any other part of their tits, or the sucking's a turnoff because it looks like I'm breastfeeding. :jj:
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  3. Ghost of Dlobo Probationary Member

    I've gotten a lot of "it's too much like breastfeeding". :(

    Maybe I went too far wearing a bib when I was sucking on the tits. :)
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  4. Ghost of Dlobo Probationary Member

    I need to find a woman like that.

    I dated a nymphomanic in high school (before I knew what to do with a woman). She would get horny and almost orgasm when you tickled her. Oh to be young again! :)
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  5. Ghost of Dlobo Probationary Member

    OMG. That is funny. Yeah there are always minuses with women that seem too good to be true.

    She may be a nympo...but she has a temper. She may have nice tits...but she has a whinny nasal voice. She may be drop dead beautiful...but she has a cock. It's always something. :)
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  6. Vyb

    Vyb SFN Gold Supporter

    :eek: I believe I married and divorced this woman. Her name Eileen?
  7. Mermaid Full Member

    This thread is just creepy.
  8. KingofCanada

    KingofCanada SFN Supporter

    Would you be more comfortable if we sucked on your nipples?
  9. bigcat07 Full Member

    Is this to commemorate mother's day?
  10. KingofCanada

    KingofCanada SFN Supporter

    Nothing says "I love you mom" like giving her nipples a good suck.
  11. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    I give bitches nipplegasms :bigup:

    and by bitches, I mean my wife
  12. acagirl98

    acagirl98 SFN Supporter

    Never cared for it until a couple of years ago. Then some guy just basically spent a night doing that and it must have woken up some kind of sensory thing that had been shut off, because now I love it.
  13. skp2978

    skp2978 SFN Gold Supporter

    I like watching a guy doing it...but just for a short time...after that it just makes me feel gross. When I'm close to cummin' though, I like them bit pretty hard.
  14. tigerinatrance Full Member

  15. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    kissing around the nipples and just brushing up against the actual nipple occasionally kind of teases them and wets their fun spot ;)
  16. #10 Nigga

    #10 Nigga Account On Hold

    If she isn't going crazy you're not doing it right.
  17. Fenderbaum Full Member

    Good morning acagirl98.
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  18. skp2978

    skp2978 SFN Gold Supporter

  19. MemphisMan

    MemphisMan SFN Gold Supporter

    Oooh. I know a woman like that. Same for her clit. She likes it so hard, I'm afraid I'll draw blood. Gets her off somehow though.
  20. Namber

    Namber SFN Supporter

    In my experience, If a guy gets really ON them and doesn't just poke around like a lummox, It's all good.

    A little lick, a lil twist, a lil suck, a lil pinch. Start soft get progressively more aggressive. 2 things ruin nipple time. Going too hard too fast. And stopping too soon.
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