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Fox News woman pulls open her shirt on TV (safe for work)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by John Robert, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. John Robert Full Member


    I need to start watching!

  2. Chris Tucker Full Member

    Epic. :rolleye2:
  3. bugs2572 Full Member

    Nice Bags
  4. John Robert Full Member

    Fucking Faggot
  5. CreamyBone

    CreamyBone SFN Supporter

    It's a photochop from more than 2 years ago. ;)
  6. sinistar Full Member

    Its funny because its true :jj:
  7. John Robert Full Member

    I figured it might be but had never seen it before.

    Still worth posting. I heart tits ;)
  8. John Robert Full Member

    Fucking queer opens a post with two amazing tits on it and he replies with "epic" :jj:
  9. Chris Tucker Full Member

    Another shit thread explodes on the launchpad. :rolleye2:
  10. sinistar Full Member

    He is already looking for a way to pm her. He knows how to work message boards for older white woman pussy.
  11. John Robert Full Member

    The only thing that exploded is your boyfriend's cock in your queer ass. :yes:
  12. Chris Tucker Full Member

    Keep getting sucked in by badly photoshopped pics, dipshit. :rolleye2:

    It's titties in a bra. Ever seen that before? Are you 6?
  13. acefree Full Member

    i doubt thats real, but fox does have the hottest chics and w cleavage.
    and ppl wonder why they have higher rating then cnn with candy crawley. she looks like a worse version of lisa lampinelli
  14. schmoopy72

    schmoopy72 SFN Gold Supporter

    Uhhh......yeah. That's the only reason. How about the fact that they speak the truth!!!!! :hw:

    Are you going to be hanging out in The Lounge more???? I could always use another idiot that I constantly OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheer:
  15. LISA C.

    LISA C. SFN Gold Supporter

    wOW. Boobies. :eek: I've never seen those things before.

  16. John Robert Full Member

    I don't give a shit if it's fake or not. It's still nice to look at.

    At least I'm not a fucking faggot.
  17. schmoopy72

    schmoopy72 SFN Gold Supporter


    That fucking guy looks like Kevin Costner doesn't he???? :weird:
  18. John Robert Full Member

    Sorry your a little jealous.

    I know it's hard when most other women in the world are more beautiful than you.

    Just move along,.. you'll be fine...
  19. schmoopy72

    schmoopy72 SFN Gold Supporter

    You use the "F" word more than sinisterjay does!!!!!! :jj:

  20. Chris Tucker Full Member

    ~backpedal~ ~backpedal~ ~backpedal~
  21. LISA C.

    LISA C. SFN Gold Supporter

    It's "you're", retard.
  22. John Robert Full Member

    Only when it applies ;)
  23. John Robert Full Member

    It's SFN. Get over it.
  24. John Robert Full Member

    Proof or GTFO faggot
  25. schmoopy72

    schmoopy72 SFN Gold Supporter



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