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Fred's Sound Drops Special

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Artie'sLiver, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Ugly McJagger Full Member

    A special people will actually care about? I'm shocked.

    Boy, I sure do hope Shuli is on the show with Fred!!!!

    Seriously though, I've always been interested on how the whole Fred sound drops work. Although he hardly does them anymore, it's always been my favorite part of the show. He used to be so quick with them, sort of like Bald Bryan is now on Carolla. I think Fred is just coasting like everyone else. Anyway, I'll definitely listen to this.
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  2. dogcow Full Member

    he seems like asleep most days, at first i thought it was the fact they switched from the cart system at sirius and maybe fred was a slow typist but i went back to the artie sirius era and he was just as fast with the drops as k-rock
  3. Gay Howard Full Member

  4. devoelodi Full Member

    speaking of drops from soundbytes. i would love for someone to direct me to the original "hi daddy." quack quack quack.
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  5. GoshGeeGolly Full Member

    Glad to hear on today's show that Fred worked on the script already and the show is in the works.
    Otherwise, this is not just some rumor!
    Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred . . .
  6. HeyItsAdam Full Member

    I have to agree. I heard the "origin" of "Oprah Winfrey...Negro Woman...From the South" on Mammary Lane and it was hilarious.
  7. jerrythegreek Full Member

    I need to know the "bababababababa-- ah?" Origin.
  8. Tom from T.O.

    Tom from T.O. Closed by User

  9. Anarchist86ed Full Member

  10. Harvestsorrow Full Member

    on fine time with fred he explains how he gets the soundbites so fast. I always wondered to. he made it sound really easy but he has a real talent that's for sure
  11. Ugly McJagger Full Member

    Exactly. After a couple months Fred was back in the swing. It only sucked because most of the classic drops were property of K-Rock, I think, and Fred couldn't use them.
  12. Hurricane Mark Full Member

    You know, I called in with this idea (but didn't get thru) on the day of ther Ralph roast (wwwaayy back when they first got to Sirius)... I was on hold for hours (it was my first time calling the show)...Howard didn't pick up, I believe, because he was more interested in taking calls pertaining to the roast which I understand....but anyway I was going suggest this exact idea and was also going to suggest to call it "Fred Effects"....My other idea was to have a show called "A 'Stern' Look Back" which would replay old shows and have commentary from people that were part of that particular show inserted throughout the show.
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  13. Vidiot Full Member

    "Grandpa" Al Lewis, I believe from the Crucified by the FCC era of the early 1990s.
  14. Gay Howard Full Member

  15. Frank L. Full Member

    here are most of freds sound drops.
  16. lizardman Full Member

    Fred is the heart and soul of the Stern Show!
  17. Jake Death Full Member

    Love those Will the Farter "fartist" drops when somebody mentions diarrhea! :jj:
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  18. djbazerk2k4 Full Member

    Gangsta talk, riiiiiight!
  19. Vidiot Full Member

    Fred uses a 360 Systems Instant Replay hard drive playback device for the sound effects:


    About four or five years ago, the 360 Systems booth at an NAB Show has a sign that said that the Howard Stern Show on Sirius Radio was one of the users of their systems, and that's the only thing that made sense. Fred has "hot buttons" for certains sound effects and a list right above it so he can get to them very quickly (in theory).

    The Prophet music server that the entire Sirius Radio building uses is made by RCS Works:

    and I think is already out of date and replaced by the Zetta system. It's amazing to me as to why Fred can't have one drive in the room with him with all the music Howard would ever want to hear and just pull it up in five seconds -- it's doable and not expensive. This is one of about 99 things about the show that's dumb, ridiculous, and solvable with a few bucks.
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  20. Backside Boy Full Member

    Sounds as if this is actually happening. I am shocked. HOward heard it already but doens't know when its airing. Way to go, Fa fa fo hi.
  21. Riiiiightcface

    Riiiiightcface Closed by User

    They did mention it later on date is

    MARCH 18 7pm HOWARD 101
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