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Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by fatbastard, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. fatbastard Full Member

    This guy is fucking delusional. He can spend all day writing material and "headlining". No one gives a fuck. He's lucky to be a part of that awful block party. Scott is a bigger draw than Shuli and that's not saying much...
  2. homeyDclown Full Member

    Homey wouldn't pay 1 cent to see dat fat lazy whitey Scott. Homey would pay 3 cents to see da super Jeeeww Shelly on one dems block parties....
  3. CaptainCupcake Full Member

    I wish Howard would stop giving them air time and let this die a slow death like the 'Killers of Comedy' (aka The Hack Pack).

    I don't care about their horrible show and you couldn't pay me to go watch this trainwreck. Scott or no scott...still horrible.
  4. soupbone666

    soupbone666 Closed by User

    No one cares about the opinions of a nigger clown. (Honk Honk)
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  5. deezz Full Member

    lame coward has to use racial slurs. Pitiful loser
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  6. soupbone666

    soupbone666 Closed by User

    Just a Yucko joke....slow down there thunder.
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  7. WHO lS PON? Full Member

    Scott is a no-talent slacker who wants money just for showing up, but he's right in that he's a bigger draw than Shuli. Seems like Ronnie and JD don't do much more than Scott did (sounds like JD does less), and they're the reason people show up, not to watch Shuli's "comedy." That being said, IF Scott is lying/delusional about the agreement for a 3 way even split of money (and even Ronnie won't support him there), he's completely wrong in his main argument with Shuli, and a moron for leaving the Block Party.

    I hope we have dueling Stern-related tours, with Will/Jason/Sal/Richard/Scott organizing their own. Then we'll see Howard lose it and put an end to all these cubicle dwellers who think they're stars.
  8. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    Scott is nothing but a complainer. He wants more money even though they don't need him, he wants everything handed to him, he doesn't want to be goofed on, he demands more respect. Scott has turned into this:

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  9. Anarchist86ed Full Member

    Only difference between them is Scott can walk.

    Both are ungrateful assholes who think they're entitled to everything.

    Lest we forget, Scott's done shit like this before.

  10. arvel Full Member

    Didn't he tell some guy to get a job instead of calling into a radio show? Isn't that what he used to do all the time?

    Shuli is a no talent hack. I give him credit of figuring out how to use these dimwits names so he can do a "comedy show" if that's what they want to call it.

    Scott is the only one to really see it for what it is......Shuli wouldn't sell shit without them. Ronnie and JD are to stupid to realize they are the "headliners"
  11. mrsluda85 Full Member

    I would like this with the others, but I have no idea what you said.
  12. fatbastard Full Member

    Shuli talks like he is this seasoned, headlining standup comedian. The guy is god awful. Scott brings nothing to the show but he still is a bigger drawn than Shuli. There is not one person in the crowd at those clusterfuck shows to see Shuli.

    Outside of being the the traveling secretary for the show and filling up some stage time so they can call it a show, he can be replaced by anyone. You put Sal and Richard on that show to replace Shuli and do some hack bits, QandA, etc and the block party sells more tix easily.
  13. TommySoprano Full Member

    WOW! I haven't been here in quite some time, but I see the people here are just as hateful and still "don't get things"! LOL Shuli may be a no talent (I think he is funny....but I wouldn't spend money to go see him), but neither Scott, Ronnie, & surely JD couldn't put a show together and plan things like Shuli does.....therefore....Shuli should get paid more than anyone else, because w/o him, the block party (GOD I wish that stupid thing would die a horrible death) would not exist!
  14. migvr66 Full Member

    That scott push up challenge you tube video, classic stern show,thanks for the share.
  15. migvr66 Full Member

    SHULI is a waste of skin.
  16. FrankieBNYC

    FrankieBNYC Closed by User

    I am with you 100%
  17. Shuli and Scott seem to have a disagreement on how the pay worked. So Scott stopped working with the Block Party. If that is the case, the law of partnerships would revert back to the partners sharing profits or losses. So by default, Scott is correct. To ask him back and then purpsoefully try to humiliate Scott is kind of low. If Shulli is the comedy genius that he claims, why can't he figure out how to use Scott? Get a job so you don't call the show? I guess the target for the show is the unemployed? Do advertisers know this? My view is Shulli saw better money starting to roll in, thought he deserved more pay and started to take it. His defense has been look at the money I did give you so why aren't you kissing my ass more. Which screams, I'm hiding cash and want you to stop bugging me. Shulli sucks- F Shulli
  18. TommySoprano Full Member

    As Howard has said a zillion times....what else is Scott supposed to do when he is onstage? He has no personality, he has no talent, and he is getting paid quite well to do nothing but stand around and get made fun of.....why would anyone care of you get goofed on for a show, if you got paid $2500 or whatever it was? Just shut up and let things dumb as Ronnie is, he knows just to shut up and act stupid onstage and get paid! You heard today from the people on the show, all he does is complain about, room and board, travel, etc.! F HIM! All you had to do is walk out and introduce the people in the block party, and get paid a couple grand for your troubles.....he is never happy.....ever!
  19. Douchebag_AZ Full Member

    Shuli is just a horrible stand up comedian..
  20. emtfromny2 Full Member

    I've seen Shuli with an open mind twice (once with Artie, and once with Block Party). He wasn't terrible, but he seems to think he is way funnier than he is. Most of his material is Stern Show related, so I enjoyed that part. The rest was okay, but I don't think anyone would be buying up tickets for a solo Shuli Show.
  21. pittsburgh jim Full Member

    Who are these fucking idiots giving Shuli a standing ovation?
  22. honeybunny Full Member

    They are all a bunch of greedy pigs. Headliners? Stand Up? Comedy? If these losers weren't connected to the HSS, they would have 0.0 audience. I've seen more talented acts in the Subway stations.
  23. cavlou Full Member

    When the HSS is over, we will see how big Shuli's stand up career is.
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