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Funniest Shit I've Ever Seen on the Internet

Discussion in 'Who Gives a Shit' started by Revolution9, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Revolution9 Full Member

  2. breach Full Member

    this is fucking brilliant.
  3. shaun82 Full Member

    thats some funny shit
  4. starless Full Member

    that's fucking hillarious. took me a minute to catch what was going on
  5. Johhnny Polyester

    Johhnny Polyester SFN Gold Supporter

    "Shut the fuck up!" :funny:
  6. breach Full Member

    that should be more famous.
  7. SternFanNEO Full Member

  8. Seriously Full Member

    Good shit.
  9. Johhnny Polyester

    Johhnny Polyester SFN Gold Supporter

  10. strider_mt2k Full Member

    Really very funny!!
  11. GoldenNugget Full Member

    I'm not sure why, but that was funny.. was Star Wars subtly racist? Fear the black man.
  12. camel_toes Full Member

    that was better :D
  13. Mr L Full Member

  14. Bearmanrulez Full Member

    easily the best parody of starwars fuckn ever thanks .
  15. Sticky Fingers Full Member

  16. Mr L Full Member

    They have some other funny Vader stuff in the sidebar.
  17. SHUA1973

    SHUA1973 SFN Gold Supporter

    dodaly dausome
  18. breezely Full Member

    :bigclap: That is awesome,nice find
  19. dropjaw Full Member

    very good
  20. davevandam Full Member

  21. Morning Wood

    Morning Wood SFN Supporter

    i agree, that is the funniest shit on the internet.
  22. sulu_swallows Full Member

    That was fucking great. Bravo!
  23. breezely Full Member

    Quality Bump
  24. BTLS.Trooper

    BTLS.Trooper SFN Gold Supporter

    "Oh my god! I laughed, I cried, I pissed my pants"- Obie Wan
  25. Hugh Blowmont Full Member

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