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Gary Stressed Out Over February 5th "Changes"

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by ace5720, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. ace5720 Full Member

    Very revealing show today, with Howard emphasizing how significant and important the changes that will be announced on February 5th will be. Everyone on the show has stated how stressful the back office is leading into Howard's big announcements on 2/5, but I think Gary is particularly worried. He is very sensitive to any criticism from Howard lately, sees any type of criticism or commentary from the back office as his staff being "disloyal", and acknowledged yesterday on the TWUS that his relationship with Howard is about as bad as it ever has been. Howard hinted today that there may be some kind of re-organization/re-staffing to ensure that the show is run better so that he will have an interest in continuing the show past the current contract. This, along with Jason's jabs at Gary only working 3 days a week, and Gary and Hein's new gig on VHI, point to Gary's role changing in some way. Gary appears to be planning for life after Howard.

    It sounds like Howard may put Gary under Tim, or bring someone else in that Gary will report to. A long shot is Howard elevating Jason to run the back office and let Gary handle guests and let Gary be more of an on-air personality. It's clear Howard is not happy with how the show is being run these days, and changes are a coming.... Will Gary jump ship and go do something else full-time? (He is clearly unhappy). Some people are great guys but poor managers. Will the show be dramatically different if someone else is in charge of back office operations?
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  2. MyNextMult Full Member

    Probably more Abe Kanan. I would be stressed out over that shit.
  3. pod98 Full Member

    i musta missed the mention of feb 5 -- that might just be a real interesting show.
  4. I hope Shulli is elevated to a more poerful role. I made myself vomit.
  5. Koolaider Full Member

    "I don't know how you can demote me when we're only on noin hours a week." - Gary
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  6. StillTalknDirty Full Member

    Is this all window dressing for the new CEO?
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  7. jackbigmac Probationary Member

    Gary not being in charge of the entire back office will not negatively affect the show. In fact, it will only create better content for the show. The sal and bobo end of the world bit is a perfect example how Gary's lack of leadership and focus turned a phenomenal idea to average. Gary didn't work that Friday and therefore couldn't produce the prank. Gary is the entire shows producer, and its ridiculous that he didn't do a walk through before the bit started. Gary letting the woman with strep throat on air is another example of poor leadership. No other prime time show would allow such a guest. It's obvious Gary is making the move for life after Howard which I agree is smart. Though at what cost? Someone hungry for the position and capable of making difficult decisions is what the show needs in order to be produced to the level in which it deserves.
  8. ace5720 Full Member

    Gary was even weird with Benji today. I normally don't side with Benji on these things, but Gary was practically in tears over the Benji and Allyssa bit going south. Again, the drum beat of the February 5th announcements bang louder in poor Gary's head every day.
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  9. ace5720 Full Member

    All the complaints about how poorly the show is run are clearly pointed at Gary. He is the Executive Producer and the buck stops with him in Howard's mind. Gary's gigs with VHI and Nerdest are back-up plans.

    I don't believe Howard would fire Gary, but escalating Jason is big possibility. I believe the Gary-Jason storyline will be one of the biggest of 2013. (right up there with Teddy and Artie).
  10. jeesee Full Member

    It looks like most of the staff, most obviously Gary and Jon, think Howard is finished in 3 years and they don't need to be concerned about their long term status. Howard is trying to keep them focused on THSS so he is hinting that he is not done after this contract is up. Shaking things up with a staff reorganization would get everyone's attention and possibly run off the people who aren't dedicated to the quality of the show and those who don't want to be there anymore. For what it's worth, I think Howard is done in three years and this is just a motivational ploy. Robin is getting sloppy and annoying (i.e. screaming cat in the background, ringing phone, not getting back before commercial breaks are over, interrupting and talking over guests comments in E V E R Y S I N G L E I N T E R V I E W). And I am not faulting him for it but Howard is more and more out of touch and unaware. (I wish I was in a position to be out of touch and unaware)
  11. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    Three words: General Manager Beetlejuice!!!!!
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  12. djenkin8 Full Member

    I'm all in favor of shaking things up by having those guys focus less on those damn side shows like Back office and Geek Time.THSS should be the focus to everyone.Why is Geek Time getting guests that should be on HSS.How many shows is Jon Hein on???

    This is why I'm so puzzled why people think Howard is such a lazy S.O.B since he's been shaking things up and cracking the whip.Why are people complaining that Howard bitches out Gary.Howard wants great radio...No more damn lame Richard and Sal bits..Have Fred do more.Get Benji to put more effort in..I'm sure those guys care about the show.But it seems like it's only Robin,Fred,and Howard that actually put the show first and care.They put the same effort in everytime.No wonder Howard cares for them 2 the most.
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  13. honeybunny Full Member

    Hey Howard, you want to shake things up? Want to improve the quality of the show? Want to please your listeners? Hire somebody to fill the Jackie chair. Somebody FUNNY!
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  14. greenchicklets Full Member

    Only if Booey throws something at Jason.
  15. dogcow Full Member

    gary called howard out on not giving a shit about the show anymore. even a blind man can see the emperor has no clothes.
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  16. Anarchist86ed Full Member

    Going to announce a 2 day, half hour show work week and Booey fears his pay being cut by 80%.
  17. greenchicklets Full Member

    THIS. No one needs a show wrapping up a show that wraps up a show that wraps up the wrap up show.
    These people are running amok, thinking they are funny and talented. They are not, and it's all Howard's fault for making these goofballs stars. Ronnie is a perfect example. He's a fucking limo driver, END OF SENTENCE
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  18. dogcow Full Member

    i dont know what the puzzle is , he said it on the air, he is too involved in the show, he wants to be less involved in it. you can tell already 50% of his dialogue is pre-scripted "late show monologue" jokes that are coming from, i guess he wants to have all the bits and everything prescreened so he has to just show up every day and read off a prompter
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  19. greenchicklets Full Member

    Gary should concentrate on booking relevant guests, and then maybe the show would be better? Perhaps?
    Gary is a fucking hypocrite.
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  20. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    Gary Stressed Out From Actual Work
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  21. Fuggyou Full Member

    Gary has been on cruise control for a few years now.
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  22. RobertMuldowneyJr Full Member

    Natalie Maines in Artie chair
  23. TeamJD Full Member

    Those extra shows were requested by Howard.

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