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Gary Stressed Out Over February 5th "Changes"

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by ace5720, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. mrs hooknose Full Member

    probably someone taking the artie chair
  2. Puncher

    Puncher Closed by User

    Exactly..why? I am surprised that "changes" are in order...when people would call in asking about Artie, Howie would always say "this is what you get..if you don't like it, then cancel". He has his contract..he doesn't have to change a thing. There has to be a reason he is calling for "changes"..and the coincidence of the earnings report is also very interesting. Will he divulge the "reason for the changes"? I highly doubt it. Somebody is applying pressure to him though..and I highly doubt he is after an extension at this point. I think the bridge between Stern and Sirius was burned the day he sued them.
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  3. djenkin8 Full Member

    We have 2 different views on this.Howard leaving radio will put the final death nail in radio.There's no other (My opinion) talent in radio that stepping up and doing great radio.Nobody has taken Howard's place.Luckily Howard still wants to do it..And he doesn't listen to the 1 or 2 people that say he should retire..

    If your a fan then what would you listen to?You may hate the changes but you still listen.
  4. LessMoonbeams Full Member


  5. djenkin8 Full Member

    No.I work behind the scenes in studio if you really want to know.I went to school,interned,and was hired..
  6. Puncher

    Puncher Closed by User

    Well I better enjoy my radio while I can..what is going to wake me up every morning? What will I have on in my office once radio is dead? Damn..Howie..you can't leave yet..please..it will be the "final death nail in radio".

    Incredible response.
  7. Concupiscence Full Member

    But do you claim to work in television, as the other poster did? My father knew nothing about horse racing until he got a job at Santa Anita, and I find it hard to believe someone would work in the television industry and claim to have no idea who Ms. Lawrence is.
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  8. Puncher

    Puncher Closed by User

    The "other poster" said he didn't know who Lawrence is..but then said he "see's her all the time at his work"..like walking around and hanging out I guess. So I don't really know what is going on with that anymore...must be nice to "rub elbows" with the somebody as talented as Ms. Jennifer Lawrence.
  9. djenkin8 Full Member

    Glad you agree..

    Why are you even here if you're not a fan and don't even listen
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  10. Earl Turner

    Earl Turner Closed by User

    It's 4th and long, Mr. Malone. You know what to do......

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  11. shinerod Full Member

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  12. Uncensored Full Member

    Even if we use your numbers and say that 7 million people listen to Howard's show, that leaves 300 million people in the country that don't. And they listen to all sorts of radio, 15 million+ listen to clowns like Rush and Hannity, tens of millions of Latinos listen to Spanish language radio making those stations the highest rated stations in most major cities. Millions more listen to Jim Rome, ESPN radio and local sports stations. The highest rated English language station in LA is mostly local talk shows and they have millions of listeners and make tons of money. Young people listen to shit like Ryan Seacrest because they want to hear current pop music and hear about their generation's stars. You are way too caught up thinking that the only thing people want to hear on the radio is "shock jock" types of shows. Even at the height of his popularity in the late 90's Howard was the 7th rated show in San Diego, 4th in Phoenix and 3rd in Vegas, not everyone shares your taste in radio shows.
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  13. Erleichda Full Member

    Howard's cranky without his Robin around, so now the shit is gonna roll downhill. Right onto Booey's head...
  14. Concupiscence Full Member

    So, he does give fluff interviews, just not all the time? See, you need to make up your mind: Either Howard doesn't do fluff interviews (as you claimed) or he does, sometimes, which means he does, just like every other talk show host out there. Or at least think before you make a claim.

    By the way, I caught the teen vampire movie star Jennifer Lawrence on Kimmel. She was open, honest, candid, a little bawdy and fun. No beer can cock questions though, and I've no idea if she's into anal, so I'm sure you'd have thought it was really bad. So bad you'd probably think Jimmy Kimmel murders children and his girlfriend is a whore.
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  15. Concupiscence Full Member

    Excellent post. Here will be Djenkin8's response:

    "Well, that's just you opinion. Why listen to Howard, who murders children and whose wife if a whors, if you hate him so much?!? Rush ripped of Howard, so he doesn't count. So did Jim Rome. I don't spek Spanish, but Howard says those Spanish DJs rip him off, so without him they'll have nothing to do. Just like The Tonight Show willl stop being funny once Howard goes off the air and they cant take his bits anymore. I work in television so I now. Ryan Seacrst works on American Idol, which also stole from Howard. None of those cities are in New York, so it's just your theorys that Howard wasn't number 1 there. Enjoy him while he is on, because there will be no more raido when he leaves and if not than that is just your view"
  16. mcopley Full Member

    Puncher you should take a few steps back away from your SiriusXM radio. You're mentioning recent shows, you still tune in to hear daddy talk do ya?
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  17. djenkin8 Full Member

    If he gives fluff interviews then I don't hear it. Yes he's held back on asking certain people like Billy Joel about his alcoholism but he still asks the questions. But its just how I hear it..But I completely understand if you see it different.
  18. djenkin8 Full Member

    Kind of a douchbag move to put words in my mouth. Just ask me a question instead of acting like a jerk and having a jerk agree with you.I at least treat u with respect.
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  19. Puncher

    Puncher Closed by User

    Excellent post..I have no idea what you are trying to say here...but keep up the good work. Djenkin liked it, so you should be proud.
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  20. Concupiscence Full Member

    I'm pretty sure everything in my post, which is CLEARLY A JOKE, is a variation on something you've said. Uncensored's point is absolutely true: Howard leaving will more than likely not "end" radio anymore than Carson retiring "ended" talk shows. The format change a bit, but entertainment mediums that survive do so by adapting. Why can't you just admit you didn't really thought about all the other successful radio shows out there when you made your claim? Sorry, but I have trouble respecting anyone who isn't grown-up enough to admit they make mistakes.
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  21. rolltide

    rolltide SFN Gold Supporter

    ......but yet the lemmings here believe otherwise.
  22. Howard Stearn

    Howard Stearn SFN Supporter

    I think u should shut the fuck up.
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