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Gary vs. Benjy/Elisa Wednesday 1/30/13

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Matthew Rosa, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Matthew Rosa

    Matthew Rosa Closed by User

    Listen I know mostly everyone in here has a death wish for Benjy but today I felt really bad for him&Elisa because Gary is obviously trying to flex the very last bit of small power he has in the office before he is all but relieved of duty come Feb. 5th. The way he acted towards Benjy was so far out of bounds and hypocritical I had to listen to it 3 times just to make sure it was real anger. Ok I get the fact that her first song wasn't that good(or at least didnt come across the radio that well) but from the second Tommy M. started to be very cold and brutally honest with her Benjy has every god damn right to try and stick up for her and try to make the most of this insanely great opportunity. Personally I dont believe Elisa ever had a chance when they basically threw her in front of Tommy unexpected. I know Gary's big "beef" is that he allegedly said no to them playing a clip of the song that Elisa felt the strongest and most confident about. For him to not understand that if this truly was a real chance to audition in front of Tommy M. then there would have been no way in hell she would have performed a song she didnt want to. I personally believe that Gary and the rest of the staff actually did this to Benjy/Elisa to goof or poke fun at them because if it wasnt there should have been every god damn effort to get Elisa the instruments or tracks she needed to actually impress Mr. Motolla. I seriously cant comprehend how Gary is acting this way , I mean we havent heard a peep from Benjy in the last 4 months or so but when we finally hear from him/Elisa it was to perform a song for Tommy Motolla and Gary brings down the hammer on him for basically sticking up for a girl he loves/believes in and cares about?? Everyone of the arguments he had with Benjy were way off base this time. If Gary's son was in there to rap in front of Motolla, The Game or 50 cent you dont think he would do everything in his power to make sure he performed his strongest song and had all the tools/instruments needed to succeed. I guarantee that Gary would step over Howard or anyone to play something for them that he was told not to if his son was basically belittled in front of Millions of listeners or almost in tears. I was really seething mad today listening to Gary belittle and berate Benjy for basically trying to put Elisa in the best light in front of one the most influential men in the music business ever. I mean I wont even comment about Ralph chiming in with his opinion about " over stepping boundaries" because that's a lost cause. However when Fred came in and said that he felt Elisa should have done everything in her power to do anything she could to look great in front of Tommy I didn't hear Gary say a god damn word about it then. The other thing I find absolutely absurd is that Gary continued to scold Benjy because he couldn't drag Elisa back on the air when she was sobbing. I know this the Stern Show and we expect everything on the air all the time but did it ever occur to Gary that she might have just had her dreams completely crushed by the former president of a massive record label in front of the world and wasn't in on the whole "Let's make Elisa/Benjy look like a complete joke" BIT as Gary kept referring to it. Christ Howard or Gary have not said one god damn word about Robin's absence and completely laugh off or hang up on anyone who asks about it. Also the complete irony of this happening after the first hour of the show where Gary(through a caller on TWUS) called out Howard for being to mean to him and not understanding what people think is just absolutely classic. I really can't explain how much I hope/pray Gary either gets fired or completely stripped of his Executive Producer power on Feb 5th. There have been endless signs pointing towards Gary's responsibilities, guest booking failure and his lack of production being the main focus of what Howard's talking about when he mentions things need to change.

    On another somewhat relevant note when the Wrap Up Show started Gary mentioned "Benjy is here for a very very rare WUS appearance". Something obviously went down behind the scenes because he is never on TWUS anymore and never says a word during the Radio Show. I am not saying I really miss Benjy bringing us into endless Vortex's but I'd like to either know why he isnt allowed there anymore and so quiet during the live shows.
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  2. nearly.normal Full Member

  3. ericthefidget Full Member

    all her songs suck. benjy is funny sometimes but he's also a jackass.
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  4. imott Full Member

    Now I know Benji's mult!!!o_O
  5. Frank L. Full Member

    Elisa sucked so hard she broke the suck barrier, HA HA i think she will break up with benji soon, now that she sees that he cant get her a record contract. F BENJI
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  6. HangingThings Full Member

    what's happening on feb 5th?
  7. rickdun Full Member

  8. bemaniac Full Member

    This sounds good - gonna be heading for ondemand tonight for sure!
  9. aerostern Full Member

    we all know she sucks, but benji is banging a hottie way out of his league so he has to put up with this bs...
  10. bnorthro Full Member

    How many times has Benji said what a great singer/songwriter she is? Begging to have her come in & go up against someone like Elton John? The problem is that she's a terrible songwriter and not a particularly good singer. She knew what she was getting into (or if she didn't that's Benji's fault), her schtick started the second she came in the door.

    Her pre-recorded song was terrible and derivative and any one of us could make a song like that with a few hours of pro tools training and a few samples.
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  11. SiriusSam Full Member

    I felt that way too. Felt strange actually siding with Benji for once. TWUS was a complete sandbagging on the part of Gary and Hein.
  12. Siriusly? Full Member

    try hitting the return key... or maybe completing a thought before you start the next thought.

    fucking douche
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  13. Benji is too close to Elisa to make a good judgement. Just like Fred saying his wife was an actress and Jackie that his wife was a singer. In a way this bit has been played out before. For Howard it is the human side of life-give the singer the shot they have been begging for, expose it to the world, and lets see where the emotions take you-The spouse is stuck there to defend and the interaciton between the contestant and the spouse hightens the drama. Add to that the drama of Gary trying to balance his authority with Howard seemingly wanting everything on air and it is off to the races. And the surprise to Howard is that people will come into his studio and do it.
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  14. Matthew Rosa

    Matthew Rosa Closed by User

    Typical Stern Fan Network Response. Sorry I didnt make a vague one sentence statement along with a internet GIF for you to actually comprehend. I guarantee you are one of those idiots who didnt even hear the segment I am mentioning and just hate Benjy/Elisa because it's the popular opinion.

    I can guarantee you that I have zero point zero association with Benjy. Yet again thank you for taking the time and actually having some sort of intelligent retort or counter point.

    Howard, Gary and pretty much the rest of the staff has mentioned some big "Summit" taking place on Feb. 5th that is supposed lay out the VISION of Howard's expectations for how the show should be run, I assume some people will either be demoted(Gary, Benjy) or promoted(Kaplan, Jon Hein, Will Murray). You should go and listen to the first hour of Wednesday Jan.30th's THSS. It doesnt really explain why the entire staff is scared out of their minds regarding this meeting but Howard does address Gary live on the air about what the meeting is supposedly about.
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  15. Fang Full Member

    Elisa is smoking hot and has some talent! end of story on that ...but Gary,Howard and Robin set her up to fail and fucked with her big time and came off like bullies and total dicks. First Gary with his no backing track,no Piano, 90 seconds bullshit, then Robin's comment "are you drunk" before the poor girl even spoke, then constant fucking with her. and most of all Howard! he would not let Elisa finish a sentence before he would rudely cut her off and belittle her. he came off as a complete dick! Benshe is about as annoying as humanly possible but I feel sorry for him and Elisa they got fucked with for no reason and it WAS NOT funny! I hope she realizes that he tried to help her out and Benshe gets a nice cock ride for his troubles.

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  16. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    Stern will headup a major meeting of the entire
    Stern show staff where he will announce across
    the board salary reductions and new work assignments eg.
    Sal & Richard will be reduced in rank from staffers to callers
    and wannabe wackpackers :drink:
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  17. nearly.normal Full Member

    Howard was the first to bring up her drinking. Immediately insinuating she was drinking in the green room. I wouldn't think Howard would mention something like this unless word had been whispered in his ear.

    Elizza acted like a TOTAL flake from the beginning. Wouldn't shut up, wouldn't form clear sentences. Rambling and babbling. Self deprecating herself one second then bragging about her talents the next. Forcing Howard to try and steer her absurdity towards coherence. Her initial demeanor created the tension in the room, not Howard or Robin.

    She had a piano. "I needed a grand piano" excuse is bullshit.

    Backing tracks? Since when does anyone doing their first audition on American Idol or any other bullshit singing show get backing tracks? (Or a grand piano for that matter)

    She was given what millions of aspiring singer/songwriters would DIE and KILL to get. 90 quiet seconds in front of a broadcast mic and an educated audience and she treated it with zero respect and even less dignity.

    She deserved every bit of fucking with she got.
  18. Fang Full Member

    She is smoking hot! and they could have helped her instead of fucking with her. she couldn't even hear her monitor dude! they fucked her. would a nice piano and sound check helped her presentation? fuck yes and would have taken 5 minutes before the show started.would letting them do their act or sing to a track help? YES !and been great radio or tv. but no they had to try and crush her like the bitter old fogies they are! they set her up to fail and she had not finished a sentence before Robin was on her ass. they treated her like shit! if she was nervous why not give her a second and kind word to help her compose herself? they set Benshe up! and fuck Tommy Motolla he was a pompous dick who has been out of the game for 20 years, produced shit music when he was working and is hated by all the artists he worked with and is doing some shitty Broadway crap. and She is smoking hot! yum yum I hope she gives Benshe a nice long deep sloppy throater for his efforts.

  19. HeyItsAdam Full Member

    I feel bad for Elisa... she hitched her wagon to a horse with no talent, or brains..... or ability................or means.
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  20. FrankieBNYC

    FrankieBNYC Closed by User

    Gary will never be demoted
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  21. jayquik03 Full Member

    Seriously just go back through your post and take 2 mins to hit enter a few times. Shit is ridiculous. It's hard on the eyes.
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  22. BOXofROX Full Member

    Hell I ain't reading all that
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  23. Siriusly? Full Member

    I guarantee that I heard it TWICE and the WUS twice, douchebag. Benjy is a dickhead and the only staffer that I despise. He is manipulative and couldn't answer a fucking question if his life depended on it. His schtick is not funny, he writes juvenile one liners for Howard and will probably end up as a telemarketer when THSS calls it quits.
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