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Gary vs. Benjy/Elisa Wednesday 1/30/13

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Matthew Rosa, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Charlie Don't Surf Full Member

    He must keep her drugged.
  2. pod98 Full Member

    i really don't hate benjy, some of his stuff is great!!! but, really, when someone tries to have a real conversation with him, it's just unlistenable. not sure who screwed-up the whole thing with elisa singing, but something certainly seemed to be "off" about her -- the whole "drinking" thing maybe?? as was said though, that could have been a true shot for her, and i think she blew it. can anyone really imagine trying to have a real on-air conversation with benjy??
  3. Kdrunkin1 Full Member

    Her singing sucks shit and Benji can really be a douchebag. Did she get a fair shot, yup that cunt was in there just like any other person that goes on THSS she fucked up so shes screwed. Fuck them both.
  4. Narco808 Full Member

    I would agree but her personality is just grating, she's so tedious to listen to. I don't know how a guy could spend so much time with a woman even if the girl looks good which to be perfectly honest, Elisa is like a solid 8 but the way she talks and acts brings her down a few notches by far. Benjy just sucks all around and is rarely funny.
  5. HangingThings Full Member

    Yeah it seems that they did kind of set her up to fail, but Tommy was right about her song being very mediocre. I listened to the version she posted on youtube and it sucked just as much. She's also crazy for thinking that her act with Benjy is going anywhere. If anything she maybe can do some kind of pop music or be a salaried musician in a group.
  6. FrankieBNYC

    FrankieBNYC Closed by User

    She was & they threw her out
  7. Capegirlal Full Member

    Could not agree more!
  8. emtfromny2 Full Member

    Gary was 100% right, and Benji and Elisa are irritating. Elisa is use to getting what she wants because she is hot, and she couldn't handle it when Tommy M. gave her an honest appraisal. Her voice isn't strong or good enough to sing with a piano and should stick with those shitty techno songs where they can "fix" her voice in the studio.
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  9. Erleichda Full Member

    Pretty sure she knows that and that's why she mentioned the fact that she was really a comedy act about 6 or 7 times...
  10. emtfromny2 Full Member

    she must use the term comedy very loosely. She is hot. She isn't a singer, she isn't a comedian no matter how many time Benjy repeats it like his mantra.
  11. Mister Patel

    Mister Patel Closed by User


    What a complete fucking asshole Benji was on TWUP, making that stupid semantic argument about what "the deal" meant, and acting like he and his stupid girlfriend were entitled to ignore Gary's directives about what the segment was supposed to have consisted of.

    This guy should never be on the air live, in any form. If Howard actually needs him as a writer, or to come up with jokes while the show is unfolding, fine, keep him around, but in a cubicle, not the studio.
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  12. Duck My Sick Full Member

    Horrible radio.
  13. HHH1 Full Member

    Notice how all the people here defending Elisa are totally ignoring her arrogance, her sense of entitlement and her flakiness?
    And yep her lack of dignity!
    I can almost guarantee that if she wouldve come in more appreciative of the opportunity she was getting and wasnt so mouthy there wouldve been a difference in how she was treated.
    "The poor girl??"
  14. JohnDalton

    JohnDalton Closed by User

    Elisa is not talented and isn't that good looking. Goodnight!
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  15. Spinboy Full Member

    Is there a picture of Elisa in the studio? I got the impression she was in some type of chicken outfit, which meant she didn't take this "chance of a lifetime" seriously...not to mention she was drunk or high. The schtick was painful.
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  16. nearly.normal Full Member

    You have to go to her twitter to find it. Nothing of her on HS.com

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  17. HHH1 Full Member

    DUMB & DUMBER 3 starring Benjy and Hanzi opening March 1st.
    Benji, aside from Robin is the only other staffer who makes me cringe.
  18. HHH1 Full Member

    GARY: "We are gonna talk about how none of us can believe that Elisa sleeps with you."
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  19. !!!kaboom!!! Full Member

    Hein and Booey are super boring in the Wrap Up Show. I wish they'd cancel that.
  20. Capegirlal Full Member

    Well I just watched the "Comedy Act Like No Other" lol on the other thread and I can't believe how ridiculous, I talented and unfunny they both are. They looked like thy had no idea what they were doing and Benji looked like her mentally challenged brother. Good God
  21. deezz Full Member

    OK...I'm looking at this on HTV and you can see that she is drunk as shit. Eyes all glassy and red.

    Man she was(and is) annoying as fuck.

    In the behind the scenes interview she basically said she was gonna break up with him...pitiful bitch.
  22. bigredc222 Full Member

    Something very obvious did go down, he was late,
    he hasn't been on since. It's pretty obvious.
    That's no big secret.

    You obviously don't like Gary so your view is completely slanted.
    Gary isn't going anywhere.

    Alisa had days to prepare if she wasn't prepared that was her fault,
    She did what countless other hot chicks try to do,
    say whatever you need to say to get on the show, then once your on try to do something completely different.
    They're used to getting away with everything, and when they can't they don't like it.

    She looks wasted.

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