This is not a generic banner. These are the actual Vivid girls who are live now.
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Giada from the Food Network has a meaty pubic mound

Discussion in 'Hot Chick Pics' started by 58lambert, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. 58lambert

    58lambert Closed by User

    Pics from last week on the Today show.

  2. PhilAsheo Full Member

    She is amazing from the tits up, but needs to work on that lower body. Seems a bit flabby, and I wonder if that mound is caused by a very out of control bush. I'd demand she reduce it to hardwood floors.
  3. pabloescobar Full Member

    She cheated on her husband...skanky thing.
  4. 22auburn Full Member

    This is the only woman I have ever diddled myself to while she whips up a roast.
  5. taxguy Full Member

    john mayer fucked her
  6. Jason_NC Full Member

    I wish it had been with me.

  7. ShiroRX Full Member

    artie had a hilarious segment on the N&A show last night about her.
  8. ericw9 Full Member

  9. ericw9 Full Member

  10. qb123 Full Member

    She "allegedly" gives the best blowjobs on the planet according to multiple male celebrities.
  11. taxguy Full Member

    her husband is really pretty gay from what i've seen on her show
  12. fatroider4 Full Member

    from the tits up? Even that might be generous. She has an awesome rack and a flat stomach and can cook. Having all of those qualities guarantees that she can receive my seed :ass2mouth
  13. raystern Probationary Member

    I got a recipe for her,tube steak smothered in underware.Do you think she has any mexican in her?if she doesnt I wonder if she would like some?Because she's got everything but me! Hey now!
  14. INDO_420 Full Member

    That's a big beefy Italian vagina, built for giving birth to many babinos.
  15. stealthmean. Full Member

    i love the fact that she can cook like my mommy and suck my cock like a whore
    might be the perfect woman
    except for all the stray jizza in her hizza
  16. 22auburn Full Member

    Details, please. I picture she would be amazing.

  17. PeanutButter11 Full Member

    What other male celebs has she been linked to? The only one I heard was singer John Mayer, and she denies that one.

    Wait a minute, you're Jewish?
  18. jackvader UnDead

    nice to have the food network in HD to see her nice boobies.
  19. theminister Probationary Member

    I could show her a thing or two in the kitchen. Or any other room for that matter.
  20. scott4551 Full Member

    Love to fuck her while she made me a sandwich. Slap those tits with my salami.
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This is not a generic banner. These are the actual Vivid girls who are live now.