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Guys, do you ever wonder what Sucking Dick feels like?

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by TheyCaIIMeBruno, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. TheyCaIIMeBruno Full Member

    I aint Gay or shit like that.. but seriously man, Do you Guys ever wonder what sucking dick or having a penis in your mouth would be like? I mean the Girls do it and don't you ever wonder How it would taste or how it feels or is it enjoyable or not?

    Aren't you even a little bit curious to see what they are experiencing? I mean it's nasty yeah to suck dick but don't ever wonder what it would feel like? what the girl is experiencing?

    I would let a guy suck on my fat penis or even fuck him up the ass (that is NOT GAY) BUT to suck his dick.. ewww. gross!!!! i get curious sometimes.. if i have to suck someone penis to find out.. i would suck mutt's.
  2. jlesh8 Full Member

    I never wondered about that, in all honesty, and cant believe you mentioned it
  3. 2ltfransky Full Member

    Uhh, ok.

    Dude, you need to go to the doctor, cause your brain/mouth filter is broken.

    Remember - Think then speak :thinker:
  4. angryLemming Full Member

    Bruno - Please come out of the closet already. I think you will be much happier on the other side.


  5. Nursegrrl8 Full Member

    While I question your sexuality, I do get what you are saying. I wonder what it feels like to be a man during intercourse. Leads to the age old question. If you could be the opposite sex for a day, would you?

    Of course.
  6. HeyNow Full Member

    Nah. Bruno's just plain gay :D
  7. Pebbles Full Member

    Dude, just suck on your finger!! ;)
  8. angryLemming Full Member

    Better yet, start taking yoga classes and learn some auto-erotica.

    Is that gay?

  9. HeyNow Full Member

    That's what I was thinking. Don't these topics usually start this way: Is it gay if......
  10. budaah9999 Full Member

  11. sunsetfan Full Member

    You are definitely gay.
    :dork: :bendover: :dork:
  12. HeyNow Full Member

    Can that Eric Estrada pic be modified to say , "I am gay" ? Then Bruno can put it in his profile. He's earned it. Man! He's earned it.
  13. Dominic Y Full Member

    I don't think Bruno is gay. I think he's a writer for SNL or Robert Schimmel testing out new material because I laughed so freakin' hard when I read his post. I do when I read all of them.

    The funniest one I remember from a few months ago is when he said :

    "I got a good job. Everytime a black baby is born the hospital hires me to come in and paint thier hands and feet white so they know when they're dirty and when to wash them."

    Now, THAT is comedic genius.
  14. HeyNow Full Member

    I think I know who the girlfriend is....his name rhymes with Shominic Y.
  15. Dominic Y Full Member

    Hahaha! Funny. But your no Robert Schimmel/Bruno.:D
  16. HeyNow Full Member

    'Cuz I'm not gay.
  17. Jakyll Full Member

    would you like to find out?

    In the immortal words of the Jerky Boys: "Hey a hole's a hole - as long as their's a little heat in there......

    i am so just kidding.
  18. Sammy Girl Full Member

    I knew you had a gay side to your canadian self.
  19. MrsBB Full Member

    I don't think auto-erotica would be considered gay. Not sure it would be considered as normal, but since it is just yourself who's going to know?
  20. Jakyll Full Member

    if jerking off is gay, I'm gay then Sammy :) I'm touching A package... just happens to be my own :D:D
  21. HeyNow Full Member

    If you want something done right, sometimes you've just gotta do it yourself.
  22. Pebbles Full Member

    Nice! ;)
  23. MrsBB Full Member

    Masturbation isn't gay. But it isn't the same thing as self-erotica. Self-erotica is performing oral on yourself. Through yoga one can actually train their body to manuever so that one can actually do this.

    I am curious if guys that can do this, do they swallow?
  24. Bob of Bowie Full Member

    Call me crazy but this just doen't look like to much fun. Can't these faggots go find another guy to do it for them?

    Are you going to San Francisco... :deadshow:





    These guys look completely normal. :rolleyes:
  25. HeyNow Full Member

    I think I am pretty open minded, but I must admit, am disturbed by those photos.

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