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Have you ever caught your Wife / Husband / Kid Masterbating?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by letsrollyo, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. letsrollyo

    letsrollyo SFN Gold Supporter

    What did you do. Were words said?

    :jackoff: :jerkit: :dick: :bruno: :hump:
  2. Chiva

    Chiva SFN Supporter

    I caught my girlfriend's 17 year old daughter masturbating. Actually a pretty good story
  3. Gisele Bundchen Full Member

    You should NEVER force anyone to masturbate at gunpoint
  4. hhkr

    hhkr SFN Gold Supporter

    But what if they shoot you?
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  5. ROBBY241 Full Member

  6. throbbingmember Full Member

    I walked into the bedroom once and my wife was on the bed naked rubbing one out to the porn mag I keep under the bed. turns out it was staged. she wanted me to catch her. it was reaaallly hot.
  7. Namber

    Namber SFN Supporter

    I find perfect porn for Vic. Almost everyday.. I love to know he wakes in the middle of the night and blasts off. I "catch" him often .. OOPS
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  8. throbbingmember Full Member

    thats hot. I love that my wife likes porn. it started out she was disgusted by it, then, OK with it, now, one minute she's checking her e mail, next, I look over and she's pulling up a clip off of youporn. ready to get busy.
  9. letsrollyo

    letsrollyo SFN Gold Supporter

  10. Namber

    Namber SFN Supporter

    :giggle: Nah he goes SNAAAARK rolls over, goes into the bathroom. TCOB in 7 min and returns to SNAAAAAARRRKK in all of 10 min
  11. Johnnykstaint

    Johnnykstaint SFN Gold Supporter

    never caught anyone masturbating, no...
  12. deverrant Full Member

    Hi, Amber! :hw:

    I bought mine one of those latex masturbator things at a sex toy party. He used it once when he got off work early and the house was empty. He washed it and left it on the bathroom sink to dry. Well then he forgot about it I guess because our daughter went to pee and asked what it was. :doh:
  13. Yucko Ono Full Member

    I see you left out parent. You caught your mom once didn't you? The hard part is that even now you can't understand why you didn't look away. Tell us all about it. :munch:
  14. Scrambler Full Member

    Peeking into her windows, whatta pervert.
  15. Chiva

    Chiva SFN Supporter

    I was in the closet :jerk:
  16. Chriza

    Chriza Closed by User

    Looks like someone Googled "kid" and "masturbating" :jj:
  17. Chiva

    Chiva SFN Supporter

    I bet his browser AUTOFILLS :gs:
  18. Scrambler Full Member

    Admit it, you raped your daughter & that's why you can't see her anymore.
  19. Mr Fister Full Member

    I caught my wife one time when we were first dating, I came home from work early and she was on the couch with her skirt hiked up going to town. True story.
  20. acagirl98

    acagirl98 SFN Supporter

    I've been caught a bunch (Wednesday night in fact :eek:) but haven't caught anyone.
  21. Chriza

    Chriza Closed by User

    I get caught a lot :(

    My ex called me "Spanky"
  22. Chiva

    Chiva SFN Supporter

    Is this how you recruit people into your circle of friends?
    Sorry to disappoint you, babyfucker. Everything is fine in my family :jj:

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