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hey Jon, STFU with your anti-gun pussyhood.

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Jeton, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Jeton Full Member

    you cant rap, you cant have no special authority about whatever New Hampshire Chiefs of Police decide to raffle off.

    guns are wonder Jon hates them. their coolness mocks his existence.
  2. Rickles Full Member

    you're incredibly manly, cool guy.
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  3. BOXofROX Full Member

    Yup chock full of testosterone..a real bad ass
  4. Jeton Full Member

    :D listening to Jon try to huff n puff with Ronnie...:D
  5. babachen Full Member

    I always thought guns were for pussies.
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  6. Anarchist86ed Full Member

    Those pussies with guns fought several wars for you to call them pussies.
  7. Rickles Full Member

    don't waste this 'a' material on this silly board. save it for the the roundtable, cool guy.
  8. Rickles Full Member

    that makes sense. of course his post was referring to enlisted men, not common citizens.
  9. Anarchist86ed Full Member

    They are common citizens with guns.
    Jeton likes this.
  10. Rickles Full Member

    oh, no doubt bro. it's clear he was referring to pussies in the 1700s.
  11. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    Repeal the 2nd.
  12. Anarchist86ed Full Member

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  13. Jeton Full Member

    nice troll. PLEASE, go around "advocating" this more. :whistle:
  14. babachen Full Member

    Oh, brother.
  15. max_headroom Full Member

  16. Subutexas Full Member

    something about "a well regulated militia" comes to mind. Muskets for everyone!
  17. Monkeyjim123 Full Member

    I always imagine gun owners as the 12 year old kid who starts smoking because it's cool and tells his friends about it... or the 16 year old girl who gets some handbag with a popular brand and makes sure everyone knows it. Most of them are insecure pussies who want to be cool... you know, like a 13 year old girl.
  18. Jeton Full Member

    as stated by ALL the Founders, and as legally delineated by Congress 110 years ago and by the Supreme Court in 2008, "the Militia" consists in EVERY ABLE-BODIED ADULT CITIZEN AGED 18 and up. the only upshot is that Congress and the Founders referred only to MALE citizens, whereas the modern Court would never tolerate that.

    "The People" means what it says in the Constitution, every time you see it. now go get your shine box and your Gutenberg printing press and get the fuck offa here, the 1st Amendment doesn't apply to any of this MODERN stuff.

    fuck uuuuu.
  19. Jeton Full Member

    what a telling age-zone for your mind to get trapped in. stop Nairing your crotch, the chemicals have seeped into the memBRaaaanzz, getting u drunk-on-stupid!
  20. mrsluda85 Full Member

    I have nothing against guns. I say we outlaw bullets.
  21. Subutexas Full Member

    I live in Texas and have a carry permit... I have a .357 and 12 gauge over/under. That's plenty. Anything beyond that starts to get weird. I voted for Obama twice. NRA is fueling a wave of insanity.
  22. NachoGrande Full Member

    That is why you'll never be a state and you have ZERO input. Troll
  23. Austinchota Full Member

    The Feinstein crowd ain't helping...
    Jeton likes this.
  24. NachoGrande Full Member

    NRA isn't fueling anything, they're putting out fires from asshole that know nothing about guns, but they sure as fuck like to be protected by them. And wtf does a mayor need 5 body guards??

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  25. Austinchota Full Member

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