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hey Jon, STFU with your anti-gun pussyhood.

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Jeton, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. boeing46 Full Member

    The 2nd amendment to OUR constitution was written in 2nd so that we the American people can defend ourselves against tyranny, nothing less and nothing more. It says nothing about hunters or protection against bad guys unless they happen to be a tyrannical government. If anybody cares to do some historic research they will find this to be true from the pen or mouth of the founders. They wouldn't change a word except to maybe clear it up for those that don't understand, the "right of the people to keep and bear arms, and that it shall NOT be INFRINGED". We the people are all the militia to be formed if necessary.
  2. Head Censor Full Member

    Don't let the door hit you, douche. And when you get there, be sure to keep on comparing apples to oranges.

    For your information, just in my town alone, we have enough violent illegal alien gang bangers to fully populate the 24th largest city in Australia. Now please explain how taking away my gun and leaving these animals with their guns - which is all this idiotic legislation will accomplish - is going to improve the situation.
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  3. Purg Full Member

    If bullets cost $5000 there'd be no more innocent bystanders.

  4. topaz420 Full Member

    I lived in Aus for 2 years in a city of 2 million people and never saw a single gangbanger.

    Sucks for you :showoff:
  5. Erleichda Full Member

    Yup, always comes down to that in the end, doesn't it? ;)
  6. Hermit Krabtree Probationary Member

    Well played Sir. I'm not surprised that you have a great name like "Rickles"
  7. Jeton Full Member

    when coolness derives from empowering individuals, yes it sure does. ;)
  8. Head Censor Full Member

    Yeah, it sorta does. But it's also evidence that what we have here is a people problem, not an inanimate object (read 'gun') problem.

    Our increasing tendency toward progressive, statist, collectivist, relativistic humanist nanny state government has created large swaths of this country where a needed emphasis on personal responsibility, individual achievement, self sufficiency, proper education, and dual parent homes has been replaced with massive functional illiteracy, multi-generational welfare and poverty, and the ridiculous notion that you can magically instill self esteem in people by simply conferring it upon them with the waving of a wand in the classroom.

    The pathological disregard for human life that this environment creates is not a surprise. But neither is it the case that altering their choice of weaponry is going to change their propensity toward senseless violence. Piers Morgan loves to tout gun death numbers in the wake of England having outlawed firearms. But what he doesn't like to talk about is the epidemic of violent crime that resulted as well - to the point where the rates far surpass those in the U.S.
  9. mrsluda85 Full Member

    Look at me. I have a gun. I am a bad ass. I sure hope no one steals it and kills a bunch of children.
  10. Anarchist86ed Full Member

    Go ahead and steal mine. It's trigger locked so... good luck on your rampage.

    It's called being responsible.
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  11. Artie' Pancreas Full Member

    Then lock them up like I and most sane gun owners do.

    Check out all the "pussies" with guns protecting the chief hypocrite...

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  12. Head Censor Full Member

    I suspect most people who didn't live through that little incident probably don't remember that there was a period of time, measured in days, wherein the police simply said, "sorry folks, it's too dangerous for us out there - you guys are on your own". To this day, they don't have an accurate count of the number of people murdered in the immediate aftermath of the Rodney King verdict.
  13. UNCLE BUCK Full Member

    Nor a familiarity with the images - probably available on line - of the merchants atop THEIR stores full of THEIR possessions - with just such weapons.

    For those interested go to google images and use keywords "stores NOT looted" ;)

    If you omit the NOT you'll probably only find picture of the VICTIMS - ;)
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  14. Anarchist86ed Full Member

    Has the power to use these:


    I feel safe.
  15. Head Censor Full Member

    Well, lest we forget, for all the politicians drafting this current wave of hysterical anti-gun legislation, there's a definite virtue to being a victim.
  16. boeing46 Full Member

    The LA Police Chief had just gone through being accused of police brutality for several cases. At the time if he had moved in aggressively he again would have been charged with, yes police brutality. Damn shame but true.
  17. boeing46 Full Member

    I gotta get me one of those.
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  18. Head Censor Full Member

    Quite right. Some even take the speculation a step further and conclude that Gates issued his department-wide stand down order - knowing full well that chaos would ensue - precisely as a way of graphically illustrating to his critics just the types of animals his officers were forced to deal with on a daily basis.

    But whatever the motivations of those who had sworn an oath to protect the community, the most poignant message delivered was that law abiding citizens are ultimately responsible for providing their own security and protection.
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  19. Erleichda Full Member

    Geezus, stop the bullshit. We are all friends here. You guys don't care about guns politically - you care about guns personally. Jeton said it in his dumb post that started this thread - GUNS ARE COOL!!!

    You guys LOVE your guns. Great!! But honestly? You guys (Head Censor not included of course) don't give two shits about the 2nd amendment, the true intents of our Forefathers, school shootings, Congress, blacks in Chicago, Django Unchained, Gabby Giffords and her gay hero husband, Zimmerman vs. Trayvon, the Gubment rising up to take your land, the Mexican neighbor trying to rape your wife, Sandy Hook, blah blah blah...

    You guys like guns! You like to shoot them shit! Admit it already, IT'S COOL!!! I used to think it was cool too, and then I turned nineteen...

    Observation (from an authority) - all these gun fags who claim to have guns 'cuz they like that targ't shootin' are bullshitting. They NEVER shoot that shit! We all get old, no big deal - but gun-nuts on the internet are like listening to Star Wars fans regretting their youth...
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  20. Brown Jenkin Full Member

    Well, if that's the case I don't think you'll ever qualify as cool Jerkof, existing off evil government handouts can't be very empowering :chicken:
  21. Brown Jenkin Full Member

    Jeez, where do you live, South Central? Maybe you could try and befriend them by wearing your pants down around your knees and carrying a 40, then once you have gained their trust, convince them that voting republican is the only answer. "these animals with guns" :rolleyes:
  22. Otto Jr. Full Member

    I got a question: why does the Second Amendment stop at guns? Why aren't we allowed to own bazookas or tanks or even nukes? How are we supposed to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government when they have all those types of weapons and we only get guns? Hardly seems fair.

    I think Jefferson was just fucking with us. Good one, Tommy J.
  23. Jeton Full Member

  24. Brown Jenkin Full Member

    Neato, but I don't think even the Church of the Sub-Genius would believe the Sandy Brook killings were a "false flag operation"
  25. Head Censor Full Member

    Have you been living under a rock? LA is hardly unique in its gang problem. My immediate neighborhood is fine for the most part. But you only have to go about two miles to enter into a subdivision that's home to some of the most depraved gang activity in the entire nation. The most recent incident that received some press coverage involved a nine year old girl playing in front of her house riding her bike. A gang member with a skin tone slightly different from hers felt that she was venturing a little too close to the cross street at the end of her block which apparently marked the boundary between rival gangs. As I understand it, she never actually crossed over onto the next block of this small residential street, but the mere act of riding so close to the intersection was considered a disrespectful act.

    The remedy was simple enough. The gang member simply walked over and executed her at point blank range as she sat on her bike.

    And you take offense at me using the word "animal" to describe this piece of shit? LOL. I was being fucking charitable. The media, for their part, were able to contain their outrage quite well. You understand - we wouldn't want to be forced to dwell too much on the slightly more unseemly consequences of our beloved social policies which promote unchecked illegal immigration and multi-generational illiteracy and poverty.

    Again, this is but one incident of many, taking place in one neighborhood of many, on a daily basis in cities all across the nation and 99% of the time, these stories of senseless violence aren't receiving any press coverage at all. Plenty of laws already exist which empower the police to confiscate firearms from these felons, but Feinstein and Boxer and Schumer in all their hysterical frenzy to "save the children" would rather try to dry up the supply of firearms by disarming the law abiding citizens first. To that I say, fuck you. I won't stand for it.
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