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high school story. thought i would share it

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mike25, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. mike25

    mike25 Closed by User

    i’ve notice that people open up in the lounge about their lives and I decided to tell you about one of my fights in high school . for anonymity, I made some quick edits, changing real names to sfn accounts.

    Main char = mike
    Big black guy = sinisterjay
    Skinny black guy = jeton
    Boss = backspace

    One day I was walking in the halls with 2 other guys during my lunch break, the circular hall was where the grade 10-12 lockers were. I was in grade 11 while the gang we were about to pass by were in grade 12. They were mostly a black/brown/Latino gang and they were some of the most popular people for their grade. For kicks, they would try to trip people in the halls that were grades below them. The skinny black guy called jeton was doing the tripping while his giant 360 pound monster friend, sinisterjay, was laughing it up. The kid tried to trip me, but it ended up more like a light kick to my legs. Taken by surprise, I didn’t know how to react so I just said fuck you. The gang laughed. We ended up passing by them again, and pretty much the same shit happened. Again I could only come up with the same come back, fuck you.

    I was mad at myself; Mad at my lame come back, mad at being tongue tied, mad that I didn’t do shit. While sitting in afternoon class, the event ate at me all day, till I worked myself into a frenzy. Luckily, when school was over, I saw jeton in the hall. I pushed him and said I’ll fuck you up anytime, anywhere. He said fine, lets wait till everyone leaves. He comes back, but he is not alone. I see a most sinister looking mother fucker, the 360 pound monster sinisterjay. I knew mr sinsterjay, he eats 4 Jamaican patties every lunch hour, he would have been a fat ass mofo if he wasn’t bench pressing for the rest of his lunch hour. I won’t lie… I was definitely intimidated but I wasn’t cowering.

    He comes to me and says “why you be startin shit in the school, do you know who we are. Do you have beef with my boy, if you have beef with my boy then you have beef with me. Why you be thouchin me, why you be touchin me. He then did this fake lunge with his face, to see if I jump back. I didn’t move. He then said “walk away son, walk away”. Now this was an out, I guess I could have taken it. If I had fallen when the guy tried to trip me, that would have been humiliating, but all that happened was me having lame come backs, maybe if I was a more mature person I would have said, this is stupid. While he was walking away, I said “your friend is a chicken”. He said “what, what, WHAT, oh no you didn’t”. Sinsterjay comes back, puts down his jacket and really gets up in my face. He pretty much repeats the same bullshit but nothing happens that day. They decided to settle the score tomorrow.

    Now I think getting your posse is some gay shit. Fights should be one on one but I knew jeton was going to fight dirty. I needed help. From my old high school job, I knew a guy in grade 12 who was also big and very popular. He was actually my boss. We weren’t that close but I knew that he would at least make sure it was a 1 on 1 fight. His name, was backspace

    The next day, the entire school knows that there is going to be a fight. It was like a scheduled date. Fucking gay if you ask me. Rumours were swirling that the guy was going to burn me with his lighter. I did something kind of stupid, I had a big lunch. So sinisterjay and backspace come meet me at the cafeteria. Sinisterjay’s attitude is completely different, as he is cool with backspace. He decides that he won’t interfere with the one on one fight…. Or so he says. I tell him I need to finish these sausages. Fuck I love food.

    So now this whole thing becomes a circus; all these people following me outside, only to be greeted by more people outside. Everyone is watching me. Some dude who I didn’t know, howiewood I think, asks if I am “the kid”. I would say that everyone in grade 11 knew me but everyone in grade 11-12 knew jeton/sinisterjay. Sinisterjay gives jeton grad rings, I guess as a substitute for brass knuckles, he then conceals it with a black glove. Backspace offers me gloves, but I wanted everyone to know that I had nothing. The fight is about to begin

    Jeton walks bobbing his head at me, throws the first punch and misses. Now I am not saying I am some bruce lee or shit, the guy just missed. So I give him an uppercut, grab his face and smashed the back of his head into the brick wall. I out weighted the guy so I was able to get him on the ground. While on top I was continuously hitting the front of his face while he kept throwing hooks at my temple. I would say at this point I am clearly winning. That’s when sinisterjay comes in, and starts kicking me in the stomach while I am on the ground. He would later brag that I was coughing up blood, but that is bullshit. I did throw up my sausages a bit after the fight in the privacy of a bathroom stall. Jeton manages to scratch me with his war rings below my eye. His face though was so puffy, as I really seemed to land a lot to the front of his face. The tides though were about to turn against me, as there are only so many kicks that one can take from sinisterjay.

    That’s when backspace jumps in along with a few other guys to pull sinister off. This was going to be a one and one fight. If people had just said, fuck that mike25 dude, I could have probably ended up in the hospital, which has happened to people at my school. In the commotion, jeton and I both manage to scramble ourselves up. Now I didn’t purposely get his shirt over his head, I don’t generally fight like a hockey player but… it kind of just happened. With him being blind, I used one hand to lower his head and the other to keep punching him. I finally get him on the ground again, he is bicycle kicking me. Finally the entire crowd that is watching intervenes and breaks us up.

    While walking in the hall, the vice principle sees my scratch under my eye and asks me what happened. I tell him that I fell into a doorknob. He doesn’t buy it, I guess it sounded like a smart ass remark, I always had this smirk that seemed to piss off people in authority. He threatens me, saying he knows I was in a fight and if I don’t tell my side, he was just going to listen to their side. Well, me, jeton, and sinisterjay are brought into the office. We all get suspended but sinisterjay also gets kicked off the grad ski trip. This was apparently the last straw for him.

    These guys never really bothered me again. At one of my jobs I was an usher at a cinema, and at the door another gigantic friend of jeton would try to make me jump for the ticket, but I just stood there with my hand out. Seeing him there was kind of funny, especially when he asked if he could leave the cinema without his ticket. Sinisterjay did end up picking on one of the kids who jumped in (that kid ended up committing suicide), it wasn’t backspace though. Sinisterjay would later go to jail for smuggling cocaine across the border. I heard he got out early though. This was the last time I got suspended from school.
  2. Chriza

    Chriza Closed by User

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  3. mike25

    mike25 Closed by User


    great movie. glad you thought the story was cool :cool::)
  4. Chriza

    Chriza Closed by User

    Can you go back to when you didn't share things?

    That would be awesome


  5. Acid Lad

    Acid Lad Closed by User

    Welcome to the Lounge
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  6. Scott114 Full Member

    What's a boarder?
  7. mike25

    mike25 Closed by User

    hey thanks. from mutts outing thread, i know you guys are the same people though.
  8. mike25

    mike25 Closed by User

    thanks, i just corrected that.
  9. Scott114 Full Member

    Please tell us about the first time you got laid. In detail.

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  10. mike25

    mike25 Closed by User

    hehe, that is too personal ;). it did involve eating a slightly hairy pussy though :D
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  11. mike25

    mike25 Closed by User

    i am well aware that people in the lounge are mult paranoid. i passed mutts outing thread and frankly my dear, i don't give a dam :rolleyes:
  12. Swedish John

    Swedish John Closed by User

    Black guy=ski trip?

    I call bullshit on this entire story.

  13. Scott114 Full Member

    Too personal? Just change the names again. Call her Tuesday.
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  14. mike25

    mike25 Closed by User

    :lol:. fuck, even though i know you are busting my balls hard, you are making me blush uncontrollably :embarrest:
  15. mike25

    mike25 Closed by User

    ohh. i thought you were ragging on me because i know my other sinisterjay thread failed :(
  16. mike25

    mike25 Closed by User

    lol. remember that one black jeopardy where that was first prize.
  17. palamedes

    palamedes Closed by User

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