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History Of Howard Stern Proves It..Chevy Chase Was An Unfunny Piece Of Shit!

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by crazy4alice, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. crazy4alice Full Member

    Listening to Stern terrorize Chase on yesterdays feed was outstanding. I wonder if Chase really thought the "Can't hear you..answer question with a question" gag was really funny. He sucked on SNL, Rodney Dangerfield is the reason to watch Caddyshack and Randy Quaid stole the show in Vacation. I still think the saddest part of recent Stern history is having to hear Howard suck Chase's ass on the show. I wonder if that will be on HOHS Part V?
  2. bobbis Full Member

    Chevy has always been an angry man.
  3. theatom Full Member

    I don't see what Howard gets out of this relationship, Chevy's a notorious douche. He might as well hang out with Piscopo.
  4. BillyW Full Member

    Howard who? Can you turn down your radio?

    (Comedy gold)
  5. Monsterman Full Member

    Uh, most comedians are angry frustrated people in private :dontknow:

    Watching Chevy land blow after blow on the King of All Media has been very enlightening :yes:
  6. HenrysCucumber Full Member

    I never heard the original origins of the feud, but I thought Chevy handled it well. He made the comment on Larry King, which he later explained to Howard. I don't blame him for being stand-offish when Howard and Belzer called his house at 5 in the morning. As we are now witnessing with Leno, these 'feuds' seem to be a much bigger deal on Howard's end than with the other guy. Howard creates these scenarios because he has 4 or 5 hours to fill. The other guy only seems to care when Stern fans start fucking with his family. I wonder how Stern would have reacted had Chevy hired a bunch of people to follow Howard, Alison and the kids around to fuck with them in their private lives.

    As for the merits of Chevy Chase, he had some very funny movies that he was very good in. Whoever suggested that Quaid 'stole the show' in Vacation is clueless. Chevy as Clark Griswold was a great performance. He was excellent in Fletch and good in Foul Play, too. You really can't bag on Chevy as an actor...he definitely had a good run.

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