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Holy shit, was that Artie on Californication last night?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by A mysterius man, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. A mysterius man Full Member

  2. Purity Knight Full Member

  3. Groucho Marx Full Member

    I think it was Sally Struthers.
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  4. Sausagemonkey1 Full Member

    Fat Artie sucked . . as usual.

    Can't he fall off a ladder already.
  5. kingnorris9988 Full Member

    good post dummy
  6. tribefan39 Full Member

    I thought Artie was good on "Californication." Perfect part for him...
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  7. bicuriousgeorge Full Member

    What the hell is Californication
  8. WillowGlen Full Member

    A fat obnoxious degenerate with Mommy issues in rehab.

    Real stretch for the fat bloated hack.
  9. ricky

    ricky SFN Gold Supporter

    BTW, Artie is in New Orleans right now at the Superbowl festivities.
  10. Fang Full Member

    Artie intentionally bulked up for the role.
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  11. bml1969 Full Member

    Agreed. Need more of him and less of Moody. The Runkle being a gaygent story is pretty funny.
  12. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    Only a fag uses the word 'festivities' when
    referring to the superbowl :fruity:
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  13. mikesbandit Full Member

    Artie was fantastic in that role, the rest of the episode was just terrible.
  14. terry Full Member

    That was ARTIE. My mistake I thought he was in "Enlighten" but it was Californication. btw Calif. is a GREAT show.
    So is Shameless and House of Lies. Lots of good programming. Nurse Jackie back in April. Dexter back this summer.
    WOW. HBO & SHOWTIME has ruined me for regular TV I use to watch because out of a 1 hour program, you get 20 minutes of I just quit all of them.
  15. bluedevil30 Full Member

    I love Artie but are you fanstastic if you basically play yourself?

    Personally, I think his life could be a sitcom on FX, HBO or Showtime. If Shameless does well why can't a Sitcom about Artie's life be the same?
  16. Sausagemonkey1 Full Member

    Someone give him a ladder and ask him to climb the dome.
  17. Cap420 Full Member

    I never seen Californication, but I'm pretty sure it's a hit show.

    Artie was on a hit show, yep. Haters.

    He'll never go into obscurity like Jackie did when he left the show, so give up on that hope
  18. jonpluc Full Member

    Yea but Jackie was tired old and burned out. Artie still has motivation and a Jersey shore beach house to pay for.
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  19. JesusTwin #2 Full Member

    It wasn't much of an acting stretch, just Artie playing Artie, but he was good in the role. Liked his face after he asked Faith to the funeral and the counselor said Hank should take her. He had one of those "yeah I'm a fat fuck go with the good-looking guy" looks.

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