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Hottest Female Ever On the Show. Personality Plus Looks, Pics

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by buckefilbert, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Steelerfanatic Full Member

    who was the girl that wrestled the midget? I'd say her....though my favorites all-time would be Cindy Margolis' friend, Erica the Gymnast, Natasha Tagai and Dee (Steve O's ex-gf)
  2. dalecooper05 Full Member

    If your answer isn't Beth then what are you even doing on a Stern FAN site?
  3. buckefilbert Full Member

    Beth really does not count, she's show family. I was talking guests. Doesn't anyone have a photo of Cindy Margolis' friend. I've heard a few of those but seen no pics
  4. buckefilbert Full Member

  5. Beer Chugger Full Member

    Nice find. I wish part 4 was there though.
  6. hesasbadascan Full Member

    My first thoughts when I read the title of the thread were Leticia Cline and Valentina Vaughn
  7. buckefilbert Full Member

    Leticia Cline


    Valentina Vaughn

    Natasha Tagai

    Cassia Riley

    Erica the Gymnast


    Really does not work without pics folks:jj:
  8. b10mz Full Member

    [quote="SacredCow, post: 22964706, member: 272623"Cassia Riley. This is my dream girl[/quote]

    I second that.........
  9. Mama-looka Full Member

    Sandy Von Butt Corn...

  10. buckefilbert Full Member

    Damn that Valentina Vaughn sure is a cutiepie. What a face.

  11. dalsh327 Full Member

    I'll mention Carol Alt only because Fred gets mental about her being a supermodel.
  12. KingofAllSterns

    KingofAllSterns Closed by User

    Elisa, Cindy Margolis's friend, looks like a young Beth O.
  13. Franklin

    Franklin Closed by User

    Heather Vandeven.

  14. ricky

    ricky SFN Gold Supporter

    Yep, Margolis' friend was the hottest girl ever -- at least on the E Channel show.
  15. FivOh Full Member

  16. hesasbadascan Full Member

    Had another thought. I dont know her name. The blonde friend that came in with Prinzess and that other Penthouse Pet when Artie was going on Lettermen. They all got undressed and the blonde might give Valentina Vaughn a run for the money. Anyone know who she was?
  17. Mama-looka Full Member

    You know the funny thing about it? I bet if you asked Carol Alt to name people related to the Stern Show, I'll bet the only people she could name would be Howard and Fred. I'll bet she wouldn't remember Gary's name, or Stuttering John, or even Robin. But Fred she'd remember.

    OK, maybe she'd remember KC...
  18. sinistar Full Member

    Do you guys even remember what Cindys friend looked like?? She really wasnt that hot.
  19. hesasbadascan Full Member


    Girl on the right
  20. buckefilbert Full Member

    She was hott, If you read the thread

    Sorry don't konw how to reply to myself

    Ok I found her she's on video 3

    she's one minute in her name is Elisa
  21. cappoletti1960 Full Member

    There have been tons of hot chicks on the show. There definately seems to be a decline in the frequency of appearances. Good looking gals who open up about their sexuality, turn ons, etc., are my favorite part of the show.
  22. sinistar Full Member

    Ok, so is she the hottest chick ever on the show?
  23. Penis Grande Full Member

    Jenny McCarthy, when she was a friend of the show
  24. cappoletti1960 Full Member

    Denise richards would be a primo fuck. Charlie Sheens best lay i bet.
  25. buckefilbert Full Member

    Not my pick just posted her because others mentioned her a couple of times. My pick is Denise Richards and now Valentina Vaughn, don't know about Valentina's attitude.



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