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HOTTEST Female TV Stars from 70s-80s

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by garliceye, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Jackass369 Full Member

    Lynda Carter

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  2. Mojopin Full Member

  3. vegasdaze Full Member

  4. WorldPoliceGJS Full Member

    Phoebe Cates!
    they have been running a shitty movie called Paradise from '82 on one of the movie channels recently and she is smokin and way more nude than in Fast Times at Ridgemont High
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  5. tonstar Full Member

    Forget Heather Locklear???
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  6. DickHurts Full Member

    Barbra Eden. Who didn't fantasize about having her as your sex genie?? And also Ginger and Mary-Anne from Gilligan's Island. The Kleenex company has made a boat load of money off me. Fuckers. :rolleyes:
  7. jayjay Full Member

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  8. bml1969 Full Member

    Mickey McKenzie On We Got It Made. Totally Forgot About Her, Why I Have No Idea. :doh: She Was Hot.
  9. Sticky Fingers Full Member

    Bernadette Peters Then
    Bernadette Peters Now

    This woman has given me wood for decades. Ohhhh yeah.
  10. bml1969 Full Member

    Was Great In "The Jerk"
  11. Egbert Souse Full Member

    judy Landers from bj and the bear
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  12. teeman Full Member

    How about the cokehead from Love Boat?
  13. Gindaloonatic Full Member

  14. POLAND

    POLAND VIP: Song Parody Guy

  15. POLAND

    POLAND VIP: Song Parody Guy

    i imagined the roomie orgie
  16. Gindaloonatic Full Member

    peek-a-b00b.....I c nips.
  17. events888 Full Member


    Her career started at age five and we have all seen her at age 9 in "Miracle on 34th Street."
    From 1955's "Rebel Without a Cause" until her accidental death at age 43 there was no sexier woman in American film.

    If you are old enough to have seen her films and you disagree then I feel sad for you that you walk through life so crippled that you misperceive the universe so badly.
    Looks, talent, brains, vivacity, she had everything. Her less talented and less beautiful sister Lana was still hot enough to be a Bond Girl.

    50's, 60's, 70's, and even in 1981 she was hot, desired by wealthy and famous men,
    probably women too but they didn't talk about those things back then.

    When she was a ripe woman she was amazing to look at.
    (pre the now universal dental laminates):

    When she was young she was rather frankly female, yes?
    This would have been well before the hippies "invented" sex.

    This was what moviegoers were looking at in the "sexually repressed" 1950's.

    Most of the women I've dated at some point in their lives wanted to be Natalie Wood.
    Every young girl wants to be Natalie in "Miracle on 34th Street."
    The women I've dated probably had an older Natalie in mind, maybe this Natalie:
    Or this one:


    This woman was not a trifling woman.
    She would have been fun. She would have been deep.
    And she would have been all kinds of trouble.

  18. monsterick Full Member

    Daisy Duke was hot!
  19. i2hi4u2c Full Member

    [IMG]Debra winger
    Sondra locke
  20. drunknasasin Full Member

    Sharon Tate (Janet on Beverly Hillbillies)

    Jan Smithers
    Heather Thomas

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