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How Will They Die?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by horizonrusted, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. horizonrusted Full Member

    I honestly didn't know if anyone would catch that reference unless I had Richard Dreyfus reciting it.
    I love Gary. He's maddening but I love him.
  2. horizonrusted Full Member

    Here's a new one (but not different enough to justify a new thread).
    What would be your favorite way to see Ralph die?
    One day Ralph acquires a life-sized statue of some stupid comic book character but as he finally sets it where he wants it, it topples & it falls on him. Unable to free himself, he slowly dies & his body decays & is found only after his neighbors compliment the landlord about the improvement in the smell coming from his apartment.
  3. Head Censor Full Member

    :jj: Post of the day.
  4. Head Censor Full Member

    Actually, I've always thought Lisa G. would die in a federal penitentiary after boiling one of BethO's cats on her stovetop and then stabbing her repeatedly in the chest with a kitchen knife.
  5. Koolaider Full Member

    I consider Eric to be a big variable. So many great ways he can die. I think him being mistaken for any kind of animal is great.
  6. Farticulator Full Member

    Howard will die from aids before he turns 65.

    Though HIV positive, Ralph will live a long and "normal" life until he commits suicide the day before he turns 70.

    Artie will die before this coming summer of a heart attack (due to drug use).

    Beth will live til she's 90. While fucking around with a sick bird, she will contract some kind of disease that will do her in. Prior to that, she will marry at least two more men that are 20+ years older than she is....and "earn" their entire inheritances...while their first families get nothing.

    Robin will die of cancer within 2 years.

    Fred will live in to his 80's and die of natural causes. Kind of like John Deacon from Queen...when the show ends (in Deacon's case when Mercury died)...Fred will disappear from the public eye and not be heard from.

    Sal will be murdered by his wife about a year after THSS is gone and the paychecks disappear.

    Richard will drink himself to death within a year of Sal's demise.

    Ronnie will live a long life and be the most focal and vocal of anyone involved with the show. Natural causes take him out in his mid 80's.

    Scott the Engineer will almost die 2 or 3 times in the next 10 years...but he'll fuck that up and live and then die of natural causes at 84.

    Shuli will start his own radio show after THSS goes off the air. He will utilize the whack pack and try to live off of times past. One night when Elegant Elliot Offen is in studio he will shoot and kill Shuli.

    Lisa G will choke to death on a cookie when she gets the email that the show is ending.

    Gary will get a regular producer's job on a secondary late night tv show and live a normal life and live until he's in his late 60's. Unhealthy eating habits will result in a heart attack.

    John Hein will be eaten by a shark after screwing up a publicity stunt where he actually tries to jump a shark.

    We'll never know what happens to Jason...because no one gives a fuck about Jason.

    Benji will get robbed and shot after setting up an internet romance.

    Tim Sabean will die from a heart attack while on the shitter.

    Jackie will live until he's 103....telling the same old jokes....smoking pot....with his dick out...thinking about you.
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  7. Farticulator Full Member


    Bigfoot will eventually be released from custody...then will stop taking the meds that helped clean him up and be all fucked within a year. Police will have to shoot and kill him because Bigfoot is brandishing a gun. Later they'll find out it was a toy gun.

    Jeff the Drunk will die of alochol poisoning within a year of the final HSS. He will have choked to death on his vomit.

    Joey Boots will die from a drug over dose.

    Eric the Midget is already dead....O'Finley killed him. Remember?

    MAFB's husband finally cracks. He hears that voice one too many times and strangles her to death.

    Captain Janks will rip off the wrong people...and will disappear.

    Double A will go to jail for relations with an under age child. He will mysteriously die in prison.

    Gary the Retard will live a long and happy retarded life. Natural causes in his late 80s.

    Wendy the Retard will die of a heart attack before she turns 60. Too many pizzas.

    Fred the Elephant Boy will be a random robery and murder victim.

    Crackhead Bob will beat the odds and continue to live a reasonably healthy life. Natural causes in his early 70s.

    After being convicted of killing Shuli.....Elliot Offen dies in jail of old age in his early 90s.

    Ass Napkin Ed, Hanzi and Debbie the Pet Lady will drink the Biavian kool aid after Riley convinces them they are getting on a space ship to go and see Howard on a far away planet.

    Riley is arrested. He is found too delusional to stand trial. Riley has an aneurysm and dies while pleading that he is not crazy. The Biavians show up to his services and everyone finally realizes that Riley wasn't crazy after all. Everyone with a symbol leaves with the Biavians and the world perishes. The Biavians take Bettlejuice with them and make him their god....because he's "bad as can".
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  8. bubbacr617 Full Member

    I caught it immediately. Love that movie.
  9. Head Censor Full Member

    Two more good predictions. :D :thumbsup:
  10. mygoodness Full Member

    How would you die? What a great thread.

    Jackie lost his cat Timmy to a delivery truck. That was worth a good laugh.

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