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Howard Didn't Do It!!!!

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Stethacantus, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. SmallBearHumor Full Member

    I'm not sure if this thread is to bash Howard's projects, to suggest other people who are better than Howard and we should listen to their Mancow/Opie and Anthony/Adam Carolla bullshit, or the lack of focus, structure, business sense, and awareness endemic to 100% of all Howard Stern projects, including the current one, The Becoming of BethO.

    One thing is for sure. Writer/performers suck as writers, and great writers shouldn't be ask to perform, participate, nor castrate themselves. Also, the unwillingess of Howard to do anything for free (particularly in the YouTube/Twitter/Hulu era) the first time around in DIY fashion is why YouTube Stars are bigger than him now, so it seems. In any case, he needs a complete overhaul, a brain transplant, a major layoff of his staff, and a quickie BethO divorce. :D
  2. beeman Full Member

    Bump for people who have not had the pleasure of seeing this thread! AWESOME!
  3. starkmad Full Member

    Deserving of another bump, for those who may be new to SFN. :)
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  4. threat45 Full Member

    green drink...


    like a little bitch...

    On topic! Best couple hours I spent on this thread, googling all this old content and finding some great gems! Thanks much for taking the time to transcribe this, probably would have never found the original source

  5. ilovelisag Full Member

  6. Gloves Full Member

    Wow, someone put a lot of work into this. I admire ur effort!

    Being somewhat of a late comer there was a whole lot of stuff here I didnt know about. I always believed Howard when he said that all of the DJs that sell shit to their audience are hacks and that he would never do it. He fkn did it. Alot.

    I personally don't care and if I had lived in the US I would have bought all of that crap. I am a sucker for stuff like that.
  7. starkmad Full Member

    Truer words were never spoken.
  8. schmega Full Member

    thank you Stethacantus.
  9. starkmad Full Member

    Certainly, you mean "Stethacanthus."
  10. garypagetwo Full Member

    One thing not on the list that I remember is Howard during the late 90's was talking about some sort of internet project he wanted to do, which I think he said would be revolutionary etc...the problem was, according to him, that current technology would not allow his vision to become reality.

    He mentioned this quite a bit I think, but he would never say what it was, because he said he would do it once it was 'possible' to do. I wonder what it was??
  11. STFUrobin HATER

    whoa nigga.....I agree this is awesome but I could not read it all....

    Did you mention him never putting the fist logo on the moon?

    seriously - great work, when is the book coming out?
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  12. reds ftw Full Member

  13. Zen Some Full Member

    Wow, great job.
    Thank you for taking the time to post this.
  14. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

    Benj-- Dare you to bring this up tmrow ....
  15. spooky lightup Full Member

    Those who have seen it claim that the Fartman script is actually quite good. Would love to see it animated someday.
  16. tron1977 Full Member

    Great thread!!!!
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  17. babacleveland

    babacleveland Closed by User

  18. dark jedi Full Member

    Was very fun to read, but there were just so many errors on the list, that I can't believe no one had called them out or corrected them back when the thread was first posted.
  19. Dick_Richie Full Member

  20. Bearish Full Member

    I read this the first time around, but I can't remember, is The Concert For New York included?
  21. DWTS Blows

    DWTS Blows Got The Gay

    I didn't read the thread, but Howard is guilty.
  22. PittsburghMike Full Member

    Great Howard history espcially for the younger fans. I didn't know of 75% of this shit.

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