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Howard Didn't Do It!!!!

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Stethacantus, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. WowieBowie Full Member

  2. HalluxValgas Full Member

    Awesome job my friend. Even Beth-O would call this work "Ammmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!" :)
  3. quedee Full Member

    Great Job. Very informative.
  4. ruffypup

    ruffypup SFN Supporter

  5. bobartbooey

    bobartbooey SFN Supporter

    This thread is amazing, when I read about Twelve One providing crappy (or no) VCR tapes to customers recorded on old porno tapes, made me think of One Twelve for some reason
  6. bobartbooey

    bobartbooey SFN Supporter

    Damn beet by the llama again!
  7. Xzadows Full Member

    Yeah, what he said.
  8. Rexican

    Rexican SFN Supporter

  9. Alfred E Norris Full Member

    Nice list, but since the majority of the list is things that Howard did do (a fact that was pointed out in the the linked source (see post above for links) from where you evidently stole most of the content), it's incorrectly titled.

    It's kind of ironic that the your only original contribution to the list seems to be your re-labeling it with title that misrepresented what it is.
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  10. MOB

    MOB Closed by User

    I only read the first 7 so far, but great stuff. Looking forward to getting through the rest. Thanks for the bump.
  11. Bro Mancer Full Member

    Was it really necessary to dredge all this crap up again? Howard is doing things right now. He's on one of the top talent competition shows in America. The Howard brand is just going to get stronger and more energized this year, wait and see. Real fans know this is the beginning of a great new period of Howard Stern entertainment
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  12. doublehelix Full Member

    I remember an idea he had during his last years on terrestrial. He wanted to have a MST3K type show where he would riff on current tv.
  13. SalsMasterShake Full Member

    Best and most epic thread EVER! Good work, Steth!
  14. boeing46 Full Member

    As a fairly long time reader and participant here on the SFN I have to say this is one of the if not the best post I have read. An amazing amount of time was invested to post this. I read it all and it brought back some great memory's. I enjoyed much of the inside info that I had never heard or read before. Again great job wherever it came from. Thanks
  15. el_salvador_1990 Full Member

    Awesome read! I love the idea for the Private Parts boxset. I purchased the boxset for Al Goldstein's cable access show Midnight Blue and really wish they could release something similar to that for the E! shows.
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  16. toobstake Full Member

    As Real Fans (who loved him and everyone on the show when the REST of "America" hated him and couldn't honestly tell you why) I feel a little responsible for his current status through 20 years of total support. I am also a little resentful of what appears to be a NEW phase of Howard's career.
    I'm happy for him- I just miss the stuff that MADE HIM FAMOUS!
  17. flashtrum Full Member

    Very nice! Only thing that is missing are dates on some of the projects. These weren't chronological.
  18. thedisconnect Full Member


    "Beautifully fucking illustrated."
  19. missparkerlewis

    missparkerlewis Closed by User

    WOW.... Slow clap,
    Shaking my head, Jesus is risen how the f did you do this who are you sir??!
  20. Dop Zhelf Ligga Full Member

    Howard Con
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  21. Steevo Probationary Member

    I hope the world does'nt think I'm trying to get in good with Howard when I say he's the coolest dude on the Planet! When he broke out about his fascination with Lipstick Lesbians, I felt normal. Wow! Someone else feels the same way about it as me! I was relieved.
  22. Steevo Probationary Member

    I have a song called Foreplay about how I lost my girlfriend to another chick.
  23. Pepsi90919 Full Member

    The DIVX version of Private Parts wasn't the DIVX you're thinking of today. Back then it was a thing where your DVD player was connected to a phone line and had to dial up to give you the rights to watch the thing, charging you some fee per use. It never took off and died quickly.
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