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Howard Doesn't Get the Whole Story on the Travon Martin Case.

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Woogie69, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Woogie69 Probationary Member

    Howard ignores too many facts in this case:

    Howard seems to think just because the 911 operator told Zimmerman to not follow Trevon that that somehow means he can't follow him.

    Just because the 911 operator told Zimmerman to "not follow" Trevon doesn't mean that Zimmerman has to do what they say. There is no law that says that Zimmerman cannot walk around his own gated community. If I live in a gated community and I want to walk around then I can do that. A 911 operator cannot tell me I cannot do something that I have a right to do.

    Howard also called Zimmerman a "white" man which Zimmerman is not. He is hispanic. Making this a white-black thing is a fallacy. It's flat out wrong.

    Howard said that Zimmerman went out of his way to track down Trevon and "scared the living crap out of him".

    Howard seem to have heard one story about the case, more than likely a story from a new channel where they are playing to the sympathy of the parents.

    No one seems to ask the questions that are important. Trevon was a "bigger" person than Zimmerman, he was taller and weighed more. The media continues to show the "mugshot" of Zimmerman and show all the "middle-school" pictures or Trevon from years ago. This is completely biased and automatically makes you think one way about Trevon and one way about Zimmerman.

    Trevon was currently expelled from school for being caught with marijuana. Zimmerman suspected Trevon of being on drugs, which seems completely reasonable considering why Trevon was kicked out of school and the reason he was in Florida.

    Why was Trevon in the gated community where Zimmerman lived? He didn't live there and wasn't visiting anyone that did. It was pouring down rain and Trevon's Dad let him "walk" to a gas station to get a "coke and skittles"?? There wasn't anything to snack on at his Dad's house? His dad couldn't give him a ride to the gas station to get a snack, considering it was pouring down rain?

    The fact that Trevon was walking in the rain, in the gated community of Zimmermans house is the definition of "suspicious". He is the the neighborhood watch leader. What is suspicious about Zimmermans actions?

    Zimmerman lost sight of Trevon when he ran away. Zimmerman got in his car and looked around the gated community for Trevon. Why didn't Trevon leave the gated community and go home? Why did he remain in the gated community, in the pouring down rain? If he was "scared" from being followed then why did he remain there? Why didn't he leave the property? That to me is suspicious?

    Zimmerman never found Trevon again. He was walking back to his car when Trevon approached and attacked Zimmerman. They were fighting, on the ground. Trevon was going for Zimmermans weapon. I don't know about you, but if I was trying to get in my car and someone attacked me and was trying to get my weapon from me, and I was in Florida with a "Stand my ground" law, I would defend myself against a 6'3" male that was attacking me. There is a witness who was walking his dog that says he saw Trevon on top of Zimmerman, fighting with him, going for his gun.

    I find it terrible that a young man lost his life, I wish that on no one, or their parents. However, you have to look at the facts. Did Zimmerman chase down Trevon and just shoot him?? No. Zimmerman was getting back into his car to go home, when he was attacked. Trevon was trespassing in a gated community in pouring down rain. Why didn't Trevon go home? Why didn't he leave? If he was scared and trying to get away then why did HE ENGAGE Zimmerman? If I was scared for my life and I had got away from the person that was scaring me then I would not have gone back to the gated community and engaged that person.

    Trevon had every opportunity to leave the gated community where had no business being. I find it out that his Dad simply let him walk to a gas station for snacks in the pouring rain.
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  2. crackfinger Full Member

    Your post is riddled with errors and you seem like a moron. Maybe not your fault, but a moron nonetheless.
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  3. yank4251

    yank4251 SFN Gold Supporter

    Two guys got into a fight. One was carrying a gun, the other was carrying Skittles and ice tea. The guy with the gun shot the guy with the Skittles and ice tea in the chest. I'm not sure what part of that Howard missed.
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  4. Pitseria Full Member

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  5. KingOfAllWhites

    KingOfAllWhites SFN Gold Supporter

    Woogie got the whole story wrong. Keep listening to rush and hannity for your "facts"
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  6. KingOfAllWhites

    KingOfAllWhites SFN Gold Supporter

    People like Woogie are why GWB got elected...twice! Morons!
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  7. g0rd0 Full Member

    I'm sure the forthcoming trial will bring out all the facts and the 'community' :frantic: will be satisfied with the verdict and the 'justice' they demanded :stomp: will have been done. :grouphug:
  8. Pretzel Got The Gay

    you're a fucking idiot
  9. GoshGeeGolly Full Member

    Local police forces have to substantiate their existence. "Do not follow, because we're in charge!"
  10. Sarcastro Full Member

    Excellent analysis. Unfortunately the facts of the case don't fit the sheep's template of Whitey suppressing the downtrodden. So they twist the facts instead--all for varying yet related motives.

    Blacks have a president to elect in November
    The mainstream media have riots to cover,
    and privileged white libs like Howard are convinced the profound guilt they mistake for enlightenment actually enhance the plight of the disenfranchised.
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  11. koolest Full Member

    Don't follow = kid would be alive

    Follow = kid dead
  12. fanofsterninNC Full Member

    - Total maniac
    - Racist
    - White guy shoots little black kid
    - White people dragged black people out of bed and killed them
    - not going to jump to conclusions

    - athletes are under paid
    - why should the owners make more money than the employees

    - but it is our totally out of control government
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  13. Quibbins Full Member

    Ha! He is a fucking idiot!
  14. bicuriousgeorge Full Member

    I mean I havent really followed this case with the baseball season starting, NFL draft and NBA play0ffs about to begin. Its just tough to devote time to everythng.
  15. Mr Hand Full Member

    Not only did Zimmerman have the right to follow him...

    Not only did the 911 ever order him to stop following ... (she only said, "we don't need you to do that" hardly a fucking order)


    Zimmerman claims he did, in fact, stop following him. He states that he was confronted, attacked and brutally beaten by Martin.

    At that point, according to all you fucktards, Zimmerman is suppose to lie there getting his head smashed against the concrete until Martin got tired.

    Oh, the fact that he was an expelled drug user/burglar does mean something, sorry faggots.
  16. BRUTALrc Full Member

  17. nearly.normal Full Member

    Honestly... do you put this much thought, attention and care into things in your life that actually matter to your daily existence? Your family? Your job? Your own well being?

    My guess is no.

    Might be time to re-weigh your priorities.
  18. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

  19. Arties Ginsu Full Member

    The thing I found most disturbing about Howard's take is his denial that he is a pollyanna liberal. It is clear that the "evolved" Howard is indeed just that...not that there is anything wrong with it. Just embrace it. I really don't give a shit about a dead future gangster or the "White Hispanic" that pulled the trigger. Both got or will get what they deserve....
  20. sinistar Full Member

    I dont know what to think about this situation, but I did learn one thing by reading this thread....

    The people saying the OP got his facts wrong havent said what he got wrong. All they do is call the OP racist and seem to hate white people.

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