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Howard had to take a shot at Amanda Peet

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by cdelgado6, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. RodLobLaw Full Member

    Wow Beth's "Co star" on Mom Caves looked like a young Van Holt


  2. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    she sleeps with the owner/creator/producer star
    a few nights a week ? bedmates usually have a lotta
    influence on their partners
  3. nearly.normal Full Member


    "Howard said Beth was already nervous about going on the show and then she had to deal with that. Howard said so many of these actresses go on shows like that and they're just awful. Howard said he saw Amanda Peet on Letterman and she had absolutely nothing to say. He said it really pisses him off too. He said Dave asked Amanda about what the movie was about and she just laughed. Howard said Dave asked her what was wrong and she just laughed. Howard said she sounds mentally ill. Howard said she probably doesn't care about the movie and she knows that no one is going to go see it. He said that her laugh was fake and she was cracking herself up about nothing. Howard said they just rolled the tape and there was no set up to the clip at all. Howard said she didn't promote the movie at all.
    Howard said he can imagine the producer of the movie thinking about how she just fucked it up for them when she did that. Howard said this Amanda Peet was on with Letterman and she fucked it all up. He said it was an actress laugh and she's a ''fuckin bitch'' for doing that.
    Howard asked the caller what he would do if something like that happened. Howard said that it was such a phony thing. He said it's phony, lazy, actress bull shit. If she had put up her own money she wouldn't have been laughing like that.
    Howard said that anyone who hires her is an asshole. Howard said he wouldn't hire her to do shit. He said that he guarantees she grew up a rich kid. He later read that she was the daughter of a corporate lawyer. He figured he was right.
    JD had the audio of the interview he was talking about. In the clip Amanda was joking about how she had to get herself to sell now that Dave was asking her about the movie. Howard said that's what she has to do when she does a movie. Howard said he guarantees she's a disaster doing anything. Howard played more of the audio and Amanda wasn't able to get anything out about the movie. She had a ''foggy brain'' about what the movie was about.
    Howard said he has dated actresses and he knows that fake laugh that Amanda is doing. He said you can smell a fake and a phony like that. Howard let the clip play out and said that Dave isn't very tolerant about stuff like that. He said that the producer was probably glad that she was on Letterman to sell a few tickets and she didn't do a thing to help. Howard said the guy probably mortgaged his house to make the movie and this chick isn't doing anything to help sell it.
    Howard said Dave doesn't care if the guy makes money with the movie. Howard wondered who is giving this girl money to be in movies. He said that she should go out and do what her father did. But Howard said that he wouldn't want her as his lawyer.
    Howard got back to Beth's appearance and played more of the boring Brian Williams interview. They were going over all of these horrible things that were going on in the news. Everything was more negative than the last."


    Howard said someone e-mailed him and wanted to know why he hates Amanda Peet so much. Howard said she's just a bad actress and she should be a waitress instead.


    Gary then asked another question he had. It was about why Howard hates Amanda Peet so much. There has to be something to it other than what Howard has said on the air. Howard said he just doesn't like the way she acts

    It is awfully telling that there is not a single instance of Howard mentioning Amanda Peet until right after he started dating Beth,, and since then there has been a steady stream of hatred."amanda peet"&
  4. Mama-looka Full Member

    Beth, Brian Van Holt, and Amanda Peet all appeared in the 2000 movie "Whipped" together.

    According to that Whos dated who link, Beth dated Brian in 1999-2000...


    ...Then Amanda dated him in 2001...


    So it looks like when they started working on the film, Beth was dating Brian, and by the time they finished it, Amanda was dating Brian.

    ...And Howard makes a point to bash Amanda Peet every chance he gets...
  5. LessMoonbeams Full Member

    i was always pissed at the girl who took my wife's
    lover away from her :db:
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  6. djenkin8 Full Member

  7. LessMoonbeams Full Member


  8. Earl Turner

    Earl Turner Closed by User

    Word on the street is that this Peet girl knows her way around a Worrd document like nobody's business.

    She was probably showing off her superior knowledge and it rubbed people the wrong way.
  9. Earl Turner

    Earl Turner Closed by User


    Looks like one actress couldn't figure out why they kept calling her a different name, so Mr. Cohen altered the script a bit...
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  10. Hermit Krabtree Probationary Member

    LMAO. I'm sure he appreciates the irony :rofl:
  11. RodLobLaw Full Member

    Beth Stern on Letterman 5-06-2010

    Harrible to watch To be Honest

    Amanda Peet the next day 5-7-2010 The Appearance Howard shits all over Promoting the movie "Please Give"

    Her last Appearance On Letterman

  12. cwujvegas7 Full Member

    Did i miss something? Howard didnt say anythingbad about her?
  13. Head Censor Full Member

    Do the mountains of circumstantial evidence presented in this thread not support that theory?

    Put another way, are you just acting stupid or are you really stupid?
  14. Head Censor Full Member

    Sadly, even reasonable arguments are degraded by the incidence of shitmultism.
  15. bubbacr617 Full Member

    Beth is pissed because Amanda went on to have a successful career as an actress & she has to bang an old man to get on the red carpet.
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  16. nearly.normal Full Member

    I think this is probably the most telling argument


    Gary then asked another question he had. It was about why Howard hates Amanda Peet so much. There has to be something to it other than what Howard has said on the air. Howard said he just doesn't like the way she acts<<<
  17. Erleichda Full Member

    I heard an old show just recently where Howard first talked about Peet, how she had treated BethO (who he was newly dating) like shit on a movie they did together recently, and how Peet was trying to get BethO fired. Of course, Howard forgot to mention the love-triangle aspect of the feud, if he even knew about it at that time...
  18. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    There's more to it than that 4 shure
  19. nearly.normal Full Member

    And that was asked during an 'Anonymously ask a question bit" where staff could ask each other risque questions without reveling their identity. The only reason someone would think to duck and cover during that question would be if they knew it involved juicy Beth gossip
  20. taintlicker1 Full Member

    I would fuck Beth. End of thread.
  21. Matthew Rosa

    Matthew Rosa Closed by User

    do you have a link or date of the show where they did the "Anonymously ask a question bit"? I would like to watch or hear that.
  22. PeanutButter11 Full Member

    I would want her fired too.

  23. Earl Turner

    Earl Turner Closed by User

    That has to be the worst "acting" I've seen in a LONG time. Holy shit. I guess every other single actress in the entire Northern hemisphere must have been busy the day of shooting.
  24. nearly.normal Full Member

  25. WillowGlen Full Member

    Also back in 2007 Van Holt did a series called John In Cincinatti which Howard started shitting on even before it was broadcast. And several times over the next year everytime either "TV Expert" John Hein of the Arrogant Monkey brought it up Howard would unload on it as crap while claiming he had never seen it.

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